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Hong Kong's Young and Elderly Come Together

The demonstrations in Hong Kong have become increasingly violent over the months as protesters vented their frustrations...Голос Америки

Iraqi Prime Minister Says he will Resign

Move follows weeks of violent anti-government protests...Голос Америки

Iran Government Fuel Price Hike Sparks 2nd Day of Violent Protests

Protesters in dozens of cities threw stones at police and pro-government militiamen Голос Америки

Hong Kong Protests Enter New, More Violent Phase

Despite increasingly aggressive tactics, pro-democracy protests in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory still enjoy widespread support Голос Америки

Hong Kong Protests Enter New, More Violent Phase

Despite aggressive tactics, protests still enjoy widespread support Голос Америки

Violent Protests at Chinese University of Hong Kong Continued Tuesday Night

Police fired rounds of tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators as students responded by throwing bricks and gasoline bombs Голос Америки

Hong Kong Leader Pledges Stiffer Measures After Violent Day

Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam has pledged to 'spare no effort' in bringing an end to anti-government protests that have wracked the city for more than five months, following a day of violence in which one person was shot and...Голос Америки

Protests Expected at Hong Kong Shopping Malls One Week After Violent Clash

Last weekend, anti-government protesters crowded into a shopping mall when a man slashed people with a knife and bit off part of the ear of a politician Голос Америки

Hong Kong Shops Shutter as Months of Protest Darken Economic Gloom

Almost deserted shopping mall at the heart of a district regularly hit by sometimes violent protests that have rocked the Chinese-ruled city since June...Голос Америки

Protesters Gather in Streets Despite Overnight Curfew in Baghdad(2)

3 dead, 100 hurt after day of violent anti-government marches in Iraq...Голос Америки

Hong Kong Business People Set their Sights on America(2)

Immigration applications surge on violent protests and higher 'golden visa' costs...Голос Америки

Nearly 50 Dead as Iraq Protests Take New Violent Turn(2)

Demonstrators continue to turn their fury against government and paramilitary offices; latest casualties bring death toll to 205 this month Голос Америки

Violent Protests Seek Removal of Honduras President(2)

Protests calling for exit of Juan Orlando Hernandez have turned violent with police using tear gas to disperse crowds in the capital...Голос Америки

15 Killed in Violent Protests, Clashes in Chile(2)

The protests that began last week over a 4% increase in subway fares in Santiago have spread across the nation Голос Америки

Chile Protests: Death Toll Rises to 15 After Violent Clashes(2)

About half of Chile's 16 regions remained under an emergency decree and some were under military curfew Голос Америки

Soldiers Patrol Chilean Capital After Violent Protests (2)

Military presence is part of state of emergency declared by President Sebastian Pinera in response to student-led protests Friday that paralyzed the city Голос Америки

Chile President Declares State of Emergency After Violent Protests(2)

An increase the price of a metro ticket kicked off the protests Голос Америки

White House: Trump 'Strongly Condemns' Violent Parody(2)

Video posted on social media depicts likeness of president shooting and stabbing his opponents and members of the news media Голос Америки

Hong Kong Metro Partially Reopens, City Struggles After Violent Weekend(2)

Tens of thousands of protesters marched peacefully through the center of the Chinese-ruled city on Sunday, wearing face masks in defiance of colonial-era emergency powers Голос Америки

Ecuador Indigenous Groups, Workers Keep Pressure on Moreno(2)

Demonstrations had been turning violent and shaping into a major challenge for Moreno...Голос Америки

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