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Armenian Prime Minister instructs to reconsider use of special means by law enforcers

...of technical support for the troops, as well as with special means that the Police can apply in cases of violation of public order. In this context, Pashinyan instructed to reconsider use of certain special means, taking into account the...Arminfo: Главная

David Tonoyan and Andrzej Kasprzyk discussed situation at contact line between Armed Forces of Artsakh and Azerbaidjan

...line between the Artsakh-Azerbaijani forces and the Armenian- Azerbaijani state border, as well as the frequency and nature of the violation of the ceasefire. In particular, the Minister of Defense expressed his concern over the recent attempts by the enemy...Arminfo: Главная

Enemy seriously wounded serviceman Shamkhal Petrosyan

ArmInfo. In Artsakh, as a result of violation of the ceasefire by the Azeri Armed Forces, a military of Artsakh Defense Army, Shamkhal Petrosyan (1998) received a heavy...Arminfo: Главная

FAS filed a case against Danone on the grounds of cartel collusion in the procurement of milk

"Kemerovskiy"), "Dairy plant “Skomoroshka”" and "Transmilk". "As a result of dealing with the request the specialists revealed the signs of violation of clause 1 part 1 article 11 of the Federal law of 26.07.2006 № 135-FZ "On protection of competition"...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

США: Гумконвои РФ для Л/ДНР незаконны

...another illegal, uninspected convoy across the border into eastern #Ukraine on Monday, likely to resupply its forces. Despite Russias ongoing violation of Ukraines territorial integrity, #ResilientUkraine is becoming stronger and more prosperous. Heather Nauert (@statedeptspox) 11 мая 2018 г. При...ForUm - новости Украины и мира. Последние новости и события.

Seven Dutch companies are to be brought to trial because of the Crimean bridge

Seven Dutch companies are to be brought to trial because of the Crimean bridge

...the companies' guilt is proven, they will be accused of circumventing the embargo. The provision of goods and services in violation of European sanctions violates established international norms, ​​the Dutch prosecutor's office...ВСЕРОССИЙСКИЙ ОТРАСЛЕВОЙ ИНТЕРНЕТ-ЖУРНАЛ «СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВО.RU»

The Armenian police urged truck drivers to refuse to move persons, especially minors, in the bodies of cars.

...lorries with people in their bodies, the majority of them being minors." These demonstrators, in addition to being a flagrant violation of the rules for the carriage of passengers, directly threaten the lives and The movement of heavy loads in...Arminfo: Главная

SIS told about detention of 24 protesters for participating in  illegal assemblies and riots(2)

Art. 2251 of the Armenian Criminal Code, 24 protesters were detained for organizing, holding and participating in mass assemblies in violation of public order, as well as the use of violence during the riots. According to the ministry, within the...Arminfo: Главная

"Free Democrats" party strongly condemns violence against peaceful  protesters(2)

...condemns the use of violence against peaceful protesters. According to the party's statement, the use of violence is a gross violation of the rights of citizens to conduct peaceful actions provided for by the Constitution and the laws of Armenia.Arminfo: Главная

The lawyers signal on obstruction of their professional activity by  Armenian Police(2)

...signal about obstruction of their professional activity by law enforcement bodies. According to the report of the Foundation Against the Violation of Law NGO, in particular, the rights of the lawyer of the NGO "Against legal arbitrariness" Ara Karagezian were...Arminfo: Главная

Адвокаты заявляют о воспрепятствовании их профессиональной деятельности со стороны правоохранительных органов(2)

Согласно сообщению Foundation Against the Violation of Law NGO, в частности, в отделении Полиции столичного округа Арабкир были нарушены права адвоката НПО "Против правового произвола"Ара Карагезяна.Новости Армении - Новости Армении Сегодня

Police undertakes actions to establish the identity of persons who  applied violence against police officers(2)

...grounds of Art. 225 and 2251 of the Criminal Code of Armenia (Mass riots, organization and holding of meetings in violation of the law), video materials showing the disobedience of participants in meetings to the legitimate demands of the forces...Arminfo: Главная

Statement: Armenian Police may steps corresponding to the emerged  situation(2)

Statement: Armenian Police may steps corresponding to the emerged  situation

Armenian police warns that the right to freedom of assembly is not absolute if they are accompanied by a group violation of public order and can be limited to police actions that result and are proportionate to the situation, up...Arminfo: Главная

Удары по Сирии законны, пропорциональны и оправданы(4)

Удары по Сирии законны, пропорциональны и оправданы

...was the green light for the Assad regime to use these most barbaric weapons against the Syrian people, in complete violation of international law.Геополитика - новости и аналитика о глобальной политике в России

Since the beginning of 2018, 15 servicemen have died in Armed Forces  of Armenia and Artsakh(2)

...result of an accident, 1 soldier died (2 cases were registered in 2017), 1 serviceman was killed because of a violation of weapons technology (in 2017 there were 2 cases). Another 6 servicemen perished during the reporting period for reasons...Arminfo: Главная

Sharmazanov: CSTO PA should react sharply to Baku`s destructive  statements(2)

Ryabukhin in St. Petersburg. Touching upon the latest military exercises in Azerbaijan, the vice-speaker stated that they are conducted in violation of international norms. In this connection, the sides agreed on the unacceptability of militaristic rhetoric. Sharmazanov, who is the...Arminfo: Главная

«Черное и белое»: какими должны быть списки молочных предприятий?(2)

Формирование системы прослеживаемости будет возможно при условии необходимого технического оснащения. Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Armenia defined criteria for assessing environmental impact in construction and operation of small hydropower plants(2)

...on the waterways of the republic, the ecological status of aquatic ecosystems has deteriorated sharply. This is due to the violation of the regime of environmental releases, which hinder the conservation of biodiversity (flora and fauna) of aquatic ecosystems. Among...Arminfo: Главная

In Armenia, the measures of responsibility for violation of the state  of roads will be tightened(2)

ArmInfo.In Armenia, the measures of responsibility for violation of the state of highways will be toughened. Amendments to the Code on Administrative Offenses were introduced at the meeting...Arminfo: Главная

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