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US Wants Afghan President to Postpone Planned Inauguration, Sources Say(2)

Ghani claimed victory last week in a disputed Sept.Голос Америки

Sanders Wins: Key Nevada Caucuses Takeaways

Sen. Bernie Sanders' convincing victory in the Nevada caucuses has made him the undisputed front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination...Голос Америки

Assad Vows to Return All Rebel-Held Areas Under Damascus Control

The Syrian president \declared victory in Aleppo on Monday and vows to retake Idlib...Голос Америки

AP Explains: Why Syria's M5 is Assad's Highway to Victory

Syrian President Bashar Assad has gained what's perhaps his most significant strategic victory in the nearly 9-year-old Syrian civil war: the recapture of the all-important M5 highway...Голос Америки

Little Expected of Latest Peace Talks Between Thai Govt., Muslim Rebels

Analysts say both sides have waning faith in a military victory but aren't yet ready to make major concessions...Голос Америки

Sanders Claims Victory in New Hampshire Primary

Pete Buttigieg in second followed by Amy Klobuchar Голос Америки

Modi's Party Sees Likely Defeat in New Delhi Elections

...defeat is a setback to Modi's prestige, coming less than eight months after he led the BJP to a resounding victory in national elections...Голос Америки

Roma's Henrikh Mkhitaryan scores against Bologna


Henrikh Mkhitaryan netted a goal for Roma on February 7 though Bologna secured a surprise 3-2 victory in Serie A.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Trump to Make First Public Statement on His Impeachment Acquittal(2)

Triumphant president Hails 'our Country's VICTORY' after Senate found him not guilty on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress...Голос Америки

Sanders Declare Victory in Iowa Caucuses Ahead of Final Vote Results

A glitch in the new app used in Iowa caucuses revives discussion of whether the tradition of caucuses has a place in contemporary elections Голос Америки

The Delegate Game: Math, Timing and how to Win a Nomination

Winning the Democratic nomination for president is an expensive game with lots of pitfalls and a few key booster rockets to victory Голос Америки

UN Envoy: Countries Backing Libya Peace Fuel Conflict

He says some countries that approved a plan to restore peace to Libya less than two weeks ago have stepped up weapons deliveries to Libya's rival governments in hopes of military victory Голос Америки

Trump, Xi Each Find Victory in Trade Deal

By stopping further escalations of the trade war, phase one of the trade deal offers each leader some stability on their home ground Голос Америки

Iran Uses Violence, Politics to Try to Push US Out of Iraq

A withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq would be a victory for Iran, and Tehran has long pursued a strategy of supporting anti-U.S. militias that carry out attacks...Голос Америки

Taiwan to China: Don't Read Too Much into Election Results

China should not see a victory or a defeat in how elections play out Saturday, Joseph Wu said...Голос Америки

Hollywood Prepares to Toast Winners at Golden Globes

Victory at the Globes ensures key momentum for the Oscars, which are a little more than a month away Голос Америки

Guinea-Bissau Presidential Candidate Embalo Claims Victory, Opponent Says Wait(2)

An Embalo victory would be a turnaround from first round, in which Pereira comfortably won the most votes...Голос Америки

Levon Aronian kicks off World Rapid Chess Championship with victory(2)

Levon Aronian kicks off World Rapid Chess Championship with victory

Armenian grandmaster Levon Aronian launched FIDE World Rapid Championship underway in Moscow, Russia. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

25.12.2019 19:31 : Bloomberg: Около полусотни яхт миллиардеров собрались у острова Сен-Мартен в Карибском море (2)

Чуть уступает в длине яхта Ocean Victory - совладельца магнитогорского металлургического комбината Виктора Рашникова.Эхо Москвы

Space Force Will Start Small but let Trump Claim a big win(2)

In signing the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act that includes Space Force, Trump claimed a victory for one of his top national security priorities just two days after being impeached by the House...Голос Америки

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