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WHO, Other Groups Say COVID-19 Restrictions Put Vaccine Programs at Risk

...warns there could be a huge increase in preventable diseases, such as measles and polio, as the coronavirus pandemic affects vaccination programs for nearly 80 million children across the globe...Голос Америки

New Studies Warn of Dangers from Hydroxychloroquine, Falling Vaccination Rates

President Trump has said he takes hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against COVID-19 Голос Америки

Коронавирус создан по плану «глубинного государства» помешать переизбранию Трампа?(2)

Вакцины, разработанные фармацевтическими компаниями Билла Гейтса, стали причиной смерти многих людей в разных странах мира. ОКО ПЛАНЕТЫ информационно-аналитический портал

Germany's Merkel goes into self-quarantine(2)


A spokesperson, said a doctor gave her a vaccination on Friday, then tested positive for the virus shortly after.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Bomb Kills Pakistani Policeman Assigned to Anti-Polio Team(2)

The latest attack came after Pakistan on Monday launched a three-day nationwide vaccination campaign against the crippling disease...Голос Америки

Olesya Smirnova: how to reform the breeding business in Russia(2)

"Today, breeders do not want to keep bulls even for the breed – there are strict requirements for vaccination and special conditions of housing. Many are not ready to take these risks, and on the other hand, breeding stations...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Cervical cancer could be eliminated "thanks to testing, vaccination"(2)

Cervical cancer could be eliminated "thanks to testing, vaccination"

Cervical cancer has the potential to be eliminated thanks to improved testing and vaccination, NHS officials claim.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Cameroon Measles Vaccination Team Attacked, Motives Questioned(2)

In rural areas, some team members have been attacked and beaten by residents who say the shots being administered have triggered side effects that sent 12 children to local hospitals Голос Америки

Malaysia Reports First Case of Polio in 27 Years(2)

Malaysia began a vaccination campaign after a child was confirmed to have polio in the country's first case of the highly infectious virus in...Голос Америки

'Cranky Uncle' Game Offers a Vaccination Against Climate Disinformation(2)

The idea of the game is essentially to 'inoculate' users against climate change disinformation and misinformation they might encounter by purposely exposing them to a small dose of it Голос Америки

Samoa Measles Cases, Death More Than Double in a Week(2)

International organizations and neighboring countries rush to help stem the outbreak on an island with 31% vaccination rate...Голос Америки

У большей части антипрививочной рекламы на Facebook было всего два покупателя(2)

У большей части антипрививочной рекламы на Facebook было всего два покупателя

оплачена крайне ограниченным кругом людей, которые использовали социальную сеть в качестве платформы для распространения дезинформации. Основными заказчиками оказались Stop Mandatory Vaccination и World Mercury Project, возглавляемые скандально известными Робертом Ф. Кеннеди-младшим и Ларри Куком.Служба МедНовостей MedPortal.ru

Nigerian Polio Survivor Gives Hope To Thousands(2)

Ten years ago, Nigeria accounted for half of the world's polio cases, but following an aggressive vaccination program, the African nation is on the verge of being declared polio free. Despite the milestone, Nigeria's many polio survivors...Голос Америки

Case of Pakistani Who Helped CIA Track Bin Laden Adjourned(2)

Pakistan adjourns appeal case by convicted physician who ran fake vaccination campaign in the hunt for bin Laden...Голос Америки

Four More European Countries Lose Measles-Free Status

...spreads through the continent. Albania, the Czech Republic, Greece and Britain have lost their measles elimination status amid the growing anti-vaccination movements. The disease is considered endemic in 12 European countries. VOA's Zlatica Hoke has more.Голос Америки

Venezuelan Migrants to Get Regional Vaccination Cards Under 10-nation Pact

More than 4 million Venezuelans have fled an economic and political crisis in their home country that has caused widespread shortages of food and medicine Голос Америки

WHO: Vaccination Vital in Slowing Spread of Ebola in DRC(2)

There are plans to roll out a second experimental vaccine, which would expand the target population to be immunized against Ebola Голос Америки

Anti-vaccination among top health threats in 2019: WHO

Anti-vaccination among top health threats in 2019: WHO

The WHO says that even in nations where the disease was close to eradications, there have been a resurgence of cases. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

A bilateral memorandum on fighting human papilloma virus signed

Istanbul presented the results of the fight against infectious diseases that is being conducted in Argentina, emphasizing the role of vaccination for prevention (HPV). A. Torosyan welcomed the initiative to organize a scientific discussion on the vaccination procedure and its...Arminfo: Главная

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