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UN Security Council Agrees to Aid Change to NW Syria

Aid will flow through only one crossing point from Turkey into NW Syria, leaving 1.3 million people potentially without assistance Голос Америки

More COVID-19 Cases in Syria's Overcrowded Rebel Enclave

The Syrian opposition and militant groups control the Idlib area, which is home to more than 3 million people, most of them displaced by the war and living in tent camps and overcrowded facilities Голос Америки

UN Security Council Deadlocked Over Aid Deliveries to NW Syria

With only hours to go before authorization expires for the aid routes from Turkey to northwest Syria, two rival resolutions fail to be adopted in the Security Council, leaving the mission in limbo Голос Америки

Reports: Lebanese Hezbollah Opening Unofficial Border Crossing With Syria

Paving illegal smuggling routes, say some observers, allows Iranian-backed militia to expand illicit trade revenue Голос Америки

Russia, China Again Veto Aid to Millions of Syrians

With only hours to go before authorization expires for using two crossing points from Turkey into northwest Syria, the two powers have left aid to millions in limbo Голос Америки

Syria's Idlib Records First Coronavirus Case

Infection could be lethal for refugee camps in the region Голос Америки

Syria to Face First Severe Bread Shortages Since Start of War

Syrian economic crisis and new US sanctions challenge essential bread supply Голос Америки

At UN, Russia Fails to Push Through Syria Resolution Cutting Aid Access

If the council does not reach a compromise by Friday, aid convoys from Turkey into northwest Syria will have to stop, leaving millions without assistance Голос Америки

Leaders of Russia, Turkey, Iran Talk About Stabilizing Syria

Russia and Iran have staunchly supported Syrian President Bashar Assad throughout the country's war, while Turkey has backed his foes Голос Америки

UN Appeals for Scaling Up of Syrian Cross-Border Aid

As a July 10 deadline approaches, the UN is urging the Security Council to renew authorization for key humanitarian lifelines into Syria Голос Америки

Powerful Islamist Group Intensifies Crackdown on Jihadists in Syria's Idlib

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham has begun targeting rival jihadist groups in the northwestern Syrian province Голос Америки

Can US Help Achieve Unity for Syrian Kurds?

First step toward uniting efforts to run the northeastern part of Syria called "significant progress" Голос Америки

Analysts Say Syria Sanctions to Have Wide Impact

Observers say new US measures to deter businesses from working with Assad, and will also put pressure on Hezbollah Голос Америки

'Journalism is Still my World' Says Syrian Who Found Refuge in Spain

One year after fleeing Syria for Spain, a group of journalists are finding security and a renewed commitment Голос Америки

US Announces New Sanctions Against Syria

Sanctions target Assad family, Syrian government officials and third-party entities aiding Assad government Голос Америки

French Court Sentences Exiled Uncle of Syrian President to Prison

Rifaat al-Assad was convicted of diverting funds from Syria to buy millions in French and British property Голос Америки

UN: Afghanistan Is Deadliest Place for Children

Afghanistan, followed by Syria and Yemen, topped the UN's 'list of shame' of places where children suffer the effects of war Голос Америки

Kurdish Officials Fear Looming US Sanctions on Syria Could Hinder IS Fight

Syrian Kurds are afraid the sanctions could impact their economy, deepening the impoverishment of civilians already struggling to recover from IS destruction Голос Америки

Syria's Leader Feels Pressure From US Sanctions Threat, Street Protests

Week of protests is reported in government stronghold of Druze region of Suweida Голос Америки

Syria Economic Meltdown Presents New Challenge for Assad

The toughest U.S. sanctions yet on Syria start to come into effect next week, and they are likely to hit hard on a country whose economy is already melting down Голос Америки

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