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Children Among 10 Kurdish Civilians Killed in Shelling from Turkish-Controlled Area in Syria

Majority of the casualties from attack were residents of Afrin who were displaced in early 2018 following a Turkish incursion Голос Америки

US Defense Chief Calls on Turkey to Stop Holding Up NATO Readiness Plan

Ankara pressing the alliance to support its fight against US-backed Kurdish YPG militia in Syria Голос Америки

Airstrikes in Syria Kill at Least 20 Near School, Markets

Separate airstrikes suspected of being carried out by the Syrian government and Turkey Голос Америки

В Сети появилось фото российского боевого робота «Уран-9»

Снимок на странице в Twitter опубликовал пользователь Abraxas Spa. Известия

More 20 U.S. military vehicles enter Syria from Iraq: report

More 20 U.S. military vehicles enter Syria from Iraq: report

Syrian state television reported that several U.S. military vehicles had entered northeastern Syria from Iraq. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Former Irish Soldier Who Joined IS Arrested in Ireland

Lisa Smith, 38, who served in the Irish Defense Forces before going to Syria, was taken into custody on arrival at Dublin airport Sunday Голос Америки

NATO at 70: Internal Tensions, External Threats as Leaders Set to Gather

War in Syria and ongoing Russian threat will serve as backdrop to summit; fellow NATO members US and Turkey came close to confrontation in northern Syria last month, rattling alliance Голос Америки

Turkish Ally Accused of Widespread Rights Abuses in Syria

US-based Human Rights Watch slams Turkey over its ally in Syria Голос Америки

Reuters: Turkey holds up NATO military plans over Syria dispute

Reuters: Turkey holds up NATO military plans over Syria dispute

Ankara has told its NATO envoy "not to sign off on the plan and is taking a tough line in meetings and in private conversations. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Middle East Protests: Why Now and to What End?(2)

Analysts say uprisings in Lebanon, Iraq and Algeria seem unrelated, but the frustration that drives them is spreading Голос Америки

Turkey Says Car Bomb Kills 17 in Northeastern Syria

Defense Ministry says more than 20 others were wounded in the explosion in the village of Tal Half, near the city of Ras al-Ayn Голос Америки

Russia Warns Syria's Kurds Against Relying on US Support

Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov accused Syria's Kurds of failing to abide by a Russia-Turkey deal that halted a Turkish offensive into Syria Голос Америки

Denmark Repatriates 11-Month-Old Boy Reportedly Orphaned in Syria

21 from Irbil in northern Iraq after a nearly nine-month effort by relatives and the Danish government Голос Америки

3 Women Repatriated From Syria Face Terror Charges in Kosovo

Kosovo prosecutors have filed terrorism charges against three women returned from Syria for allegedly joining terror groups there Голос Америки

ВВС Израиля уничтожили ЗСУ "Шилка" и 5 других единиц военной техники САР

Сирийская армия в результате недавнего израильского налета потеряла в общей сложности 6 единиц техники, в том числе зенитную самоходную установку ЗСУ-23-4 "Шилка". Данные об этом размещены в ряде источников, отслеживающих ситуацию в этой стране, например в twitter-аккаунте Within Syria. Новости Военно-Промышленного Комплекса России и других стран мира - ВПК.name

Mnatsakanyan: Protecting Christian minorities in northern Syria threatened by Turkish invasion

This decision of the American president has been criticized both in the United States and outside the country. Arminfo: Главная

Pence on Surprise Iraq Trip to Reassure Kurds, Greet US Troops(2)

Vice president's visit is highest-level American trip to region since President Donald Trump ordered a pullback of US forces in Syria two months ago Голос Америки

Kremlin Denies Knowledge of Grisly Wagner Killing in Syria

Russian who served as Kremlin-sponsored private military contractor and is said to have participated in the torture and beheading of a captive in Syria Голос Америки

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