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US Prepares for Second Wave of Flu as Coronavirus Fears Rise

The flu's first wave killed 14,000 Americans; health officials are to begin testing some patients with flu symptoms for coronavirus...Голос Америки

WHO: Spike in Coronavirus Due to Reclassification of Suspected Cases

...director of WHO's Health Emergencies Program, Michael Ryan, says cases are not based on clinically confirmed instance, but on lesser symptoms exhibited by patients...Голос Америки

China Opens New Hospitals for Virus Patients, Deaths Top 560

...first group of patients was expected to start testing a new antiviral drug, as China also moved people with milder symptoms into makeshift hospitals at sports centers, exhibition halls and other public spaces...Голос Америки

Travel Ban, Face Masks in US Seen as Symptoms of Fear of Coronavirus

Varying levels of unease can be observed at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where more than 13% of the student population are foreign students from China Голос Америки

UAE Confirms 4 Chinese Tourists Have Virus, First in Mideast

...in the United Arab Emirates becomes the first cases in the Mideast of a new Chinese virus that causes flu-like symptoms, with an Emirati doctor saying the first to fall ill only showed symptoms after over a week on vacation...Голос Америки

Kenya Hospital Quarantines Student with Coronavirus-like Symptoms

Kenya Airways released a statement Tuesday saying the passenger was given clearance to fly by Chinese health authorities at Guangzhou Airport, but upon arriving in Nairobi, Kenyan health authorities decided to quarantine the traveler Голос Америки

Researchers Find Breathing Problems Could Start In Your Stomach

...the patient doesn't have asthma at all. VOA's Carol Pearson reports that researchers have found another disease with the same symptoms as asthma actually starts in the stomach.Голос Америки

US to Screen Airline Passengers From China for New Illness

US health officials say they will begin taking temperatures and asking about symptoms of passengers at three US airports who traveled from the outbreak city of Wuhan...Голос Америки

WHO: First Case of New Virus Behind China Outbreak Found in Thailand

The case marks the first outside of China, where 41 people with pneumonia-like symptoms have so far been diagnosed with the new virus in the central city of Wuhan, with one of the victims...Голос Америки

Persons with symptoms of infectious disease registered at Armenian border crossing points

At border checkpoints in Bavra and Ayrum-Jiliza, 18 people had high fever with various gag reflexes. Arminfo: Главная

Researchers Find Breathing Problems Could Start In Your Stomach(3)

Researchers have found another disease with the same symptoms as asthma that actually starts in the stomach.Голос Америки

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