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Kiir Blames Envoys for Lack of Deal on South Sudanese States

...deal is reached, the envoys will be jobless, so that's why they're content 'to survive on the blood of South Sudanese,' he says...Голос Америки

Sudanese React to Bashir's Possible Handover to ICC

Sudan's former strongman Omar al-Bashir, ousted by the military last April, faces charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur Голос Америки

Sudan's PM Rattled by Meeting of Country's Leader, Netanyahu

Prime Minister Abddalla Hamdok's remarks were latest in a flurry of comments from government officials, Sudanese political parties and public figures who were stunned by the meeting, which was kept secret until Netanyahu announced during the...Голос Америки

Meeting of Sudanese Leader, Netanyahu Stirs Debate in Sudan

Abdel-Fattah Burhan, the head of Sudan's transitional government, and Netanyahu was kept secret Голос Америки

South Sudan Soldier-Turned-Farmer Has No Regrets

Former South Sudan Soldier Paul Alim Amol says he makes millions of South Sudanese pounds a year as a fruit farmer, money he could never have earned serving in the military...Голос Америки

Banned Sudanese Musicians Celebrate New Year & New Sudan

Sudanese musicians who were banned by ousted president Omar al-Bashir's government have returned to the country to play at a series of New Year concerts - in a move seen as symbolic of the changes that have taken place in...Голос Америки

Sudanese Military Plane Crashes in West Darfur, 16 Killed

Several officers were also among those killed when the plane went down Thursday evening in the restive region of West Darfur, which has recently witnessed deadly ethnic clashes Голос Америки

For Many Sudanese, Death Sentences for Protester Killing Raise Hopes for Justice(2)

Protesters celebrate death sentences given to 29 national intelligence officers Monday in what they called the first victory after the ouster of former autocratic president Omar al-Bashir Голос Америки

Sudanese-American Player Promotes Wheelchair Basketball in South Sudan(4)

Wheelchair basketball is growing in popularity in South Sudan, offering hope for athletes with disabilities, some of whom lost legs from unexploded ordnance left from decades of conflict Голос Америки

Pope Sends Special Christmas Message to South Sudanese Leaders(2)

In his traditional 'Urbi et Orbi' Christmas blessing and message from the central balcony of Saint Peter's Basilica, the pope said his thoughts went to the many areas of the world where there is 'darkness due to economic, geopolitical and...Голос Америки

Ex-Sudan Strongman al-Bashir Gets 2 Years for Corruption(2)

The verdict came a year after Sudanese protesters first began their revolt against al-Bashir's three-decade authoritarian rule...Голос Америки

US Slaps Sanctions on 5 South Sudanese(2)

US Treasury imposes sanctions on five South Sudanese nationals for their alleged roles in abduction and execution of two prominent critics of President Salva Kiir's government nearly three...Голос Америки

Sudanese PM Calls His Country a 'Success Story in the Making,' Asks World for Help(2)

During a recent visit to Washington, Abdalla Hamdok said Sudan has been a victim of terrorism, and pledged to partner with the US Голос Америки

Germany Donates Millions to WFP for South Sudan Flooding(2)

Germany donates $10.9 million to provide food for South Sudanese communities hit by the worst flooding in 40 years...Голос Америки

South Sudan Promoting Adult Literacy to Maintain Peace(2)

Tens of thousands of Sudanese adults are in school, learning to read and write...Голос Америки

Protesters in East Sudan Call for Disbanding Ex-Ruling Party(2)

Dozens of Sudanese are protesting in an eastern city demanding the disbanding of Sudan's former ruling party that underpinned President Omar al-Bashir's three...Голос Америки

Sudanese Protests Demand Answers Over June Crackdown Deaths(2)

The demonstrations were organized by local groups linked with the Sudanese Professionals' Association, which spearheaded the uprising that toppled al-Bashir in April...Голос Америки

Sudan Drawing Down Troops in Yemen in Recent Months(2)

Yemeni military officials said Sudanese troops had centered mainly in Yemen's border areas with Saudi Arabia...Голос Америки

Sudan Activists Call for Protest to Disband old Ruling Party(2)

Sudanese activists are calling for mass protests in the capital, Khartoum, and elsewhere across the country to demand the disbanding of former President Omar al-Bashir's National Congress Party Голос Америки

US Deports Sudanese Man Convicted in New York City Bombing Plot(2)

Amir Abdelghani was one of 10 people implicated in conspiracy to target UN building and other landmarks Голос Америки

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