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Cameroon English-Speakers Claim Harassment After Government Declares Security Alert

Many English-speaking Cameroonians in the capital say they have stories of ordeals with the police, either in their houses or along the streets Голос Америки

Объявлены новые бесплатные игры для Xbox Game Pass и Xbox Live Gold

В июне каталог бесплатных игр для Xbox и РС пополнят Night Call, Observation и другие проекты. О чем говорят в Саранске? SRNSK.ru

Стали известны игры, которые появятся в Xbox Game Pass в июне

Microsoft назвала игры, которые появятся в Xbox Game Pass в конце июня. Чемпионат.ру

Anti-Racism Protests Continue in US

Demonstrators also take to the streets in Scotland and France...Голос Америки

Voices of Protest, Crying for Change, Ring Across US, Beyond

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets in big cities and tiny towns in every U.S. state to protest the killing of George Floyd, who died after...Голос Америки

In France, Street Names Carry a Colonial Burden

Police violence has sparked broader debate about France's past - including the monikers of streets and buildings...Голос Америки

Louisville Protesters Block Traffic, Hurl Brick at Media Car

Some demonstrators created barricades on streets using road signs and rocks earlier in the evening while police monitored the scene from a helicopter and on the...Голос Америки

Britain Battles over History

...to 1914 - have become a tumultuous flashpoint in a culture war, which on Saturday spilled violently on to the streets of London in running skirmishes...Голос Америки

US Nears 2 Million Total Coronavirus Cases(2)

US numbers soar as more states relax restrictions, and protesters crowd streets nationwide in anti-police brutality demonstrations...Голос Америки

London May Remove Statues as Floyd's Death Sparks Change

Sadiq Khan announces that more statues of imperialist figures could be removed from Britain's streets after protesters knocked down the monument to a slave trader...Голос Америки

Nigeria Coronavirus School Closures Push Children Into Labor Force

...child labor in the country say since the pandemic shutdown, more children are working as hawkers, cleaners or on city streets begging to earn money to help their families...Голос Америки

Thousands Rally in Europe Against Racism, Police Brutality

Thousands of people took to the streets of Barcelona, Madrid and Rome on Sunday in support of the Black Lives Matter movement...Голос Америки

Thousands Fill Streets for Racial Justice, Police Reform Across America

Nearly two weeks of demonstrations have been sparked by the death of an African American man who was restrained by white police officer Голос Америки

Thousands of Australian Black Lives Matter Protestors Ignore COVID-19 Warnings and Take to the Streets

Protestors also ignore public health warnings in Britain and in other countries Голос Америки

The STREETS: Форма протеста от The Streets: клубный сингл и ное-соул посреди локдауна

Британский рэп-проект The Streets выпустил сингл "I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him", записанный совместно с Donae'o и Greentea Peng. Звуки.Ру - музыкальная энциклопедия

Nation's Streets Calmest in Days, Protests Largely Peaceful

Tuesday marked the eighth straight night of the protests Голос Америки

Africa Rises in Rage Over George Floyd Death in US

Online and on the streets, African institutions and citizens share outrage over death of black American in police custody...Голос Америки

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