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Will Virus Keep Florida Spectators from Astronauts' Launch?

NASA and Space X are urging people to stay at home for safety reasons, but officials in Brevard County, home to the Kennedy Space Center, are rolling out the welcome mat in an effort to jump-start a tourism industry hit...Голос Америки

Belarus celebrates Victory Day with massive military parade

75th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany with a massive military parade in Minsk that drew thousands of spectators who packed temporary stands with little regard for physical dista...Белорусские новости

Мякяряйнен вслед за Фуркадом объявила о завершении карьеры

Мякяряйнен вслед за Фуркадом объявила о завершении карьеры

...and now, today my international biathlon career will suddenly end here. Not the way I wanted or planned, without any spectators, but we couldn't chooce this. I'm all fine with this decision even though it's emotional and this season has...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Italy Closes Schools, Universities Due to Coronavirus Spread

Soccer games will be played without spectators Голос Америки

Annual Off-Road Rally Draws Half a Million Spectators(4)

...in the desert for sun-scorched immortality. They ride custom-built four-by-fours in an off-road race that draws hundreds of thousands of spectators. VOA’s Arash Arabasadi reports a living legend once again stepped on the gas and tore through the sand.Голос Америки

House Made of Scraps(2)

Clarke Bedford makes art houses using antiques, junk and historical objects.  Find out what these houses look like and how spectators are reacting to this unique form of art.  Reporter: Maxim Moskalkov, Camera: Andrew Degtyarev, Adapted by: Zdenko Novacki, VOA...Голос Америки

Albuquerque Balloon Festival Draws Massive Crowds

Every October, for the past 48 years, hot air balloons have been filling the skies over Albuquerque, New Mexico, giving spectators both on and off the ground a visual feast of rare beauty. VOA's Julie Taboh visited the southwestern state's...Голос Америки

South Korean Soccer Team Tells of 'Rough' Match in Pyongyang

The historic match ended in a scoreless draw Tuesday at huge Kim Il Sung Stadium, which was empty of spectators Голос Америки

Dozens Of DC Dachshunds Race to Win Fasters Wiener Dog Title(2)

Hundreds of spectators gathered recently at Washington, DC's Wharf's District Pier to watch an unusual competition in speed and agility. Maxim Moskalkov watched...Голос Америки

Arabian Horse Racing Is Revived in Syria's Raqqa After Islamic State(2)

Spectators say distinctive breed and riders' equestrian skills offer respite from conflict that has been wreaking havoc in Syria since 2011 Голос Америки

Мейвезер отказался от боя со звездой ММА

Мейвезер отказался от боя со звездой ММА

Johnson of "One Entertainment" was that this was to be an exhibition put on for a small group of wealthy spectators for a very large fee. This exhibition was previously arranged as a "Special Bout" purely for entertainment purposes with...Vesti.kz: Спортивные новости Казахстана

Впервые за 39 лет женщины в Иране смогли посетить футбольный матч (фото)(2)

во время футбольного матча были допущены женщины.?? A historical day for Iranian women as officials allowed approximately 300 female spectators in Azadi stadium during Iran??vs??Bolivia. pic.twitter.com/x6jkPPufKQ – PersianFootball.com (@PersianFutbol) October 16...Футбол России

In Moscow, it is possible to set a monument to Charles Aznavour(2)

...in Moscow. "During one of his last concerts in Moscow, Charles Aznavour confessed his love for Russia and his Russian spectators. We ask you to consider the opportunity to perpetuate the memory of Charles Aznavour in Moscow. The installation of...Arminfo: Главная

EPIC Rock Fest Armenia in Tsakhkadzor gathered over a thousand fans of Russian rock music

EPIC project, told ArmInfo. The festival, he said, will be held annually with the participation of foreign guests, both as spectators and as musicians. The fact that the organizers limited themselves to inviting only domestic musicians, G. Avetisyan explained with...Arminfo: Главная

Lawyer: Sasna Tsrer members are tortured

...was not pleasant for the relatives in the hall. They began to scream and beat on the glasses that separated spectators from the court, after which a fight began between the relatives and the stewards. The administrators, pushing, withdrew from...Arminfo: Главная

Beeline: 25 thousand people participated in 15th annual festival of British films

...youth with the culture of other countries and the world famous works of cinema. The increase in the number of spectators this year indicates that the festival has become an expected event in the cultural life of Armenia. We attach...Arminfo: Главная

Bonus Bagging | Usa Sports Betting Sites Reviews(5)

National Football league. It is just about the most popular activities by which not just the members but including the spectators enjoy from your core with their heart. Besides, to be able to witness the splendid game of football, the...Starland.ru: популярная культура | Новости шоу-бизнеса: музыка, мода

Туристы пришли посмотреть на гигантскую приливную волну - но не рассчитали ее силы

(приливную волну) в мире. Иногда с ними случаются неприятные истории. Такие (все самое интересное после 35-й секунды): Enthralling: the moment spectators got hit and swallowed by the strong tidal bore of Qiantang River in east China pic.twitter.com/psjSBcZbdk- People's Daily,China (@PDChina)...Новостной портал Объединенных демократических сил Беларуси - UDF.BY.

International competition of choreographic art to be held in Tsakhkadzor on April 2-3

...high responsibility for representing our country. I hope to perform good and get a corner in the heart of the spectators, the 17-year-old Sonya says. The couple represented Armenia at an international competition in Italy on February 28, 2016, and...Arminfo: Главная

It was as if not

...time what we had accomplished, said Jessie Olfert, who joined her teammates in celebration in front of more than 600 spectators Everyone was attracted to him, and he gave everyone the time of dayRon Tennant, who helps run the []...5 СЛОВ

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