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Turkey Continues Military Buildup in Syria, Seeking Diplomatic Solution From Moscow

Turkey is still building forces in Idlib as Damascus forces advance, but Ankara makes gesture to Moscow in bid for diplomatic solution as UN warns of humanitarian crisis Голос Америки

In US South, Bloomberg Aims to Move Past Stop-And-Frisk Remarks

Former New York City mayor, who is now seeking Democratic presidential nomination, launched a two-day tour of South intended to build relationships with African Americans...Голос Америки

Sudan Says Agreement Reached With USS Cole Victims

Country is seeking relief from US designation as sponsor of terrorism...Голос Америки

Nissan Sues Ghosn, Seeking Damages for Property, Jet Use

Ghosn, who led Nissan for two decades and saved it from near-bankruptcy, was arrested in Japan in November 2018, and charged with underreporting his future compensation and breach of trust in diverting Nissan money for personal gain Голос Америки

Report: Women Seeking Asylum in Britain Often Find Destitution

Report says many women fleeing persecution and sexual violence often end up living in absolute poverty without access to housing, financial support or the right to work Голос Америки

Pompeo Warns US Governors of Risks of Dealing With China

He tells National Association of Governors that China has assessed US vulnerabilities at all levels and is seeking to exploit America's open system for its own gain...Голос Америки

Armenian Genocide raised at Turkey High Advisory Board meeting

Armenian Genocide raised at Turkey High Advisory Board meeting

Fahrettin Altun said "some circles" are seeking to use the issue "to create divisions within the Turkish community.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Британская певица Georgia выпустила новый альбом "Seeking Thrills" (Видео)

Британская певица Georgia выпустила новый альбом "Seeking Thrills" (Видео)

29 февраля этого года Georgia выступит в Киеве. Певица и мульты-инструменталистка из Британии Georgia выпустила новый альбом Seeking Thrills. The Guardian называет Seeking Thrills "смелым британским гимном гедонизма", одновременно сама артистка рассказывает, что на эту музыку ее вдохновила...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

US Scanning Cyberspace for Signs of Iranian Aggression

Senior US officials say they are 'very concerned' Tehran has yet to start seeking virtual retribution for the killing of Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani...Голос Америки

Seeking the Cross: Icy Dips Mark the Feast of Epiphany

Thousands of Orthodox Christian worshippers have plunged into icy rivers and lakes across Bulgaria to retrieve crucifixes tossed by priests in ceremonies commemorating the baptism of Jesus Christ Голос Америки

Democrat Buttigieg's Presidential Campaign Raises $24.7 Million in 4th Quarter

The hefty total is expected to land him among the top fundraisers in the Democratic field, which has 15 contenders seeking to take on President Trump in the November 2020 election...Голос Америки

India Targets New Moon Mission in 2020

India seeking to become only the fourth nation after Russia, the United States and China to put a mission on the moon's...Голос Америки

UN adopts updated resolution to safeguard human rights in Crimea(2)

UN adopts updated resolution to safeguard human rights in Crimea

The UN General Assembly on December 18 adopted a draft resolution seeking protection of human rights in Crimea.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Warmbier's Parents Praise Bill Seeking Further North Korea Sanctions (2)

Fred and Cindy Warmbier commended a provision of the broader National Defense Authorization Act for applying pressure on North Korea to change its behavior Голос Америки

California Assumes Heightened Role in Democratic Presidential Campaign(2)

Seven of 15 candidates seeking the nomination to challenge President Donald Trump will be on stage...Голос Америки

Russia Not an Enemy? Macron's Moscow Strategy Faces First Test(2)

...test of his policy of directly engaging with Russia that has disturbed some European allies, as he hosts a summit seeking progress in ending the Ukraine conflict...Голос Америки

House Democrats Lay Out Lengthy Case for Impeachment(2)

The 300-page report, released Tuesday, accuses President Donald Trump of 'misconduct' in seeking Ukrainian political interference in the 2020 presidential election and then relentlessly trying to 'obstruct' Congress...Голос Америки

2nd Circuit Upholds Legality of Congressional Tax Subpoenas(2)

A federal appeals court in New York has upheld the legality of congressional subpoenas seeking President Donald Trump's banking records but said sensitive personal information should be protected...Голос Америки

За два года доля AMD в сегменте графики вырастет на пару процентов(2)

За два года доля AMD в сегменте графики вырастет на пару процентов

Какими в количественном выражении будут ближайшие победы AMD, попытался предсказать один из постоянных авторов профильной рубрики на страницах сайта Seeking Alpha.Все самое интересное из мира IT-индустрии

EU Antitrust Regulators Investigating Google’s Data Collection(2)

The European Commission is seeking information on how and why Google is collecting data...Голос Америки

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