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Early US Democratic Presidential Caucus Voting Starts in Nevada

Bernie Sanders could win again, pre-election polls show...Голос Америки

Sanders, Buttigieg Lead Muddled Democratic Race

Major tests loom in Nevada, South Carolina and on Super Tuesday Голос Америки

Muddled Democratic Presidential Race Heads to Nevada, South Carolina

Sanders and Buttigieg lead pack after two contests Голос Америки

2020ers Look to Super Tuesday Even as 2 Other States Loom

Bernie Sanders makes two North Carolina stops, then hits Texas...Голос Америки

Sanders Claims Victory in New Hampshire Primary

Pete Buttigieg in second followed by Amy Klobuchar Голос Америки

Sanders Narrowly Defeats Buttigieg in New Hampshire Democratic Primary

Klobuchar gets solid third place; Andrew Yang to drop out of race Голос Америки

Sanders Takes Early Lead in New Hampshire Primary

Sanders leads Buttigieg and Klobuchar; Andrew Yang to drop out of race Голос Америки

Bernie Sanders Formally Requests Partial Recount of Iowa Democratic Results

Sanders narrowly lost to rival Pete Buttigieg in the Feb. Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Contenders Spar Just Ahead of New Hampshire Vote(2)

Biden, Buttigieg claim Sanders would have a tougher road in opposing Trump in November election because he is a self-declared democratic socialist...Голос Америки

Buttigieg Leads Democratic Presidential Nomination Contest

Final results from Iowa caucus give Buttigieg 14 delegates, followed by Sanders' 12 and Warren's 8; New Hampshire primary is next stop...Голос Америки

Democrats' Debate in New Hampshire: Key Takeaways

At the Democratic presidential candidate debate in New Hampshire, the top finishers in Iowa, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, gained the most attention from their opponents Friday night and had some standout moments...Голос Америки

Buttigieg, Sanders Battle in Generational Clash at Democratic Debate

Buttigieg and Sanders finished atop the pack earlier this week in Iowa's chaotic caucuses, but former Vice President Joe Biden and Minnesota Senator...Голос Америки

Democrats Prepare for New Hampshire Debate as Urgency Rises

Bernie Sanders and former Midwestern mayor Pete Buttigieg, enter the night as the top targets, having emerged from Iowa essentially tied for...Голос Америки

Buttigieg, Sanders Top Vote-Getters in Iowa Caucus

The final results from the Democratic Party's tumultuous Iowa caucuses were released late Thursday Голос Америки

Sanders Says He Raised $25M in January, Will Bolster Ad Buys

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says his campaign will use the money to increase television and digital advertising in 10 states...Голос Америки

Buttigieg, Sanders Nearly Tied as Iowa Caucus Results Narrow

With 97% of the precincts reporting, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Голос Америки

Sanders Declare Victory in Iowa Caucuses Ahead of Final Vote Results

A glitch in the new app used in Iowa caucuses revives discussion of whether the tradition of caucuses has a place in contemporary elections Голос Америки

Partial Iowa Caucus Results Show Tight Race Between Buttigieg, Sanders

First test for party's 2020 presidential contenders mired in vote-counting chaos Голос Америки

Postal Workers Union With 200,000 Members Endorses Sanders

The union's support is key because it promises organizing muscle across the country Голос Америки

Biden, Sanders Lead Field in New Poll Ahead of Monday's Iowa Caucuses

Biden was the choice of 23 percent of likely caucus-goers, the Monmouth University poll shows, slightly ahead of the senator from Vermont at 21 percent Голос Америки

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