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Syria to Face First Severe Bread Shortages Since Start of War

Syrian economic crisis and new US sanctions challenge essential bread supply...Голос Америки

US Sanctions Four Chinese Officials Over Abuses in Xinjiang

The Chinese embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Голос Америки

The EU extends economic sanctions against Russia for six months

"Today the EU Council decided to extend the sanctions aimed at certain sectors of the Russian economy for another 6 months until January 31, 2021", the statement said. Earlier...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Venezuela Sanctions Set Off Fight For 'Plundered' Oil Cargo

The ship was hired to transport the gasoline to a ship near Aruba but along the way its owners suspected the cargo's real destination was Venezuela and turned back to avoid potentially violating sanctions Голос Америки

Venezuelan President Expels EU Ambassador

Venezuelan president gives EU ambassador 72 hours to leave after his allies are hit with sanctions Голос Америки

Rebuking China, Senate Moves to Protect Hong Kong Autonomy

The Senate legislation that now goes to the House also would impose sanctions on banks that do business with entities found to violate the law...Голос Америки

Burundi Picks Regime Hardliner as Prime Minister

Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni has been under sanctions by the United States since 2015 for his role in violence against civilians and political repression...Голос Америки

US-backed Syrian Forces Say US Sanctions Hurting Them

Kurd-led SDF forces say they need further financial support to be able to weather the latest round of US sanctions designed to change the behavior of the Assad regime...Голос Америки

African Union Sanctions South Sudan for Nonpayment

South Sudan representatives to the African Union were asked to leave an AU meeting in Ethiopia last week after their government failed to pay millions of dollars in annual dues Голос Америки

Analysts Say Syria Sanctions to Have Wide Impact

Observers say new US measures to deter businesses from working with Assad, and will also put pressure on Hezbollah Голос Америки

Trump Says He Held Off Xinjiang Sanctions Due to Trade Talks - Axios Interview

President says he was concerned measures against Beijing blamed for crackdown on China's Uighur Muslim minority would interfere with negotiations Голос Америки

The EU extends sanctions against Russia over Crimea for a year

The EU imposed sanctions on Russia in connection with events in Ukraine during 2014.Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Trump Signs Sanctions Law Over China's Treatment of Uighurs

Trump's announcement came just as excerpts emerged from an explosive new book by his former aide John Bolton, who said the president told his Chinese counterpart that he approved of the vast detention camps Голос Америки

US Announces New Sanctions Against Syria

Sanctions target Assad family, Syrian government officials and third-party entities aiding Assad government Голос Америки

Turkey Renews Opposition to US Sanctions on Iran

President Donald Trump imposed heavy sanctions on Iran after he withdrew the United States from Iran's nuclear agreement with world powers in May 2018...Голос Америки

Kurdish Officials Fear Looming US Sanctions on Syria Could Hinder IS Fight

Syrian Kurds are afraid the sanctions could impact their economy, deepening the impoverishment of civilians already struggling to recover from IS destruction...Голос Америки

Syria's Leader Feels Pressure From US Sanctions Threat, Street Protests

Week of protests is reported in government stronghold of Druze region of Suweida Голос Америки

Syria Economic Meltdown Presents New Challenge for Assad

The toughest U.S. sanctions yet on Syria start to come into effect next week, and they are likely to hit hard on a country...Голос Америки

Trump Sanctions ICC Officials Probing Alleged US Wrongdoing in Afghanistan

US leader declares national emergency, calling International Criminal Court investigation 'an unusual and extraordinary threat' to American security Голос Америки

Hezbollah Called to Reform Amid Protests, Political Pressure, Possible Sanctions

While demanding better living conditions and tougher measures to fight corruption, demonstrators are urging Hezbollah to disarm Голос Америки

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