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US Increases Pressure on Key Turkish State Bank

Future of Halkbank is increasingly entwined with strained US-Turkish relations as sanctions loom and legal woes grow...Голос Америки

Iran President: Tehran Hasn't Closed Window on Talks With US

President Hassan Rouhani reiterated his government's standing condition that the Trump administration lift sanctions imposed on Iran before any negotiations can take place...Голос Америки

With Nuclear Talks Stalled, N. Korea Says Up to US to Select 'Christmas Gift'

North Korea wants sanctions relief before making concessions...Голос Америки

Putin and Xi Oversee Launch of Landmark Russian Gas Pipeline to China

Power of Siberia pipeline reflects Moscow's attempts to pivot to the East to try to mitigate pain from Western financial sanctions imposed over its 2014 annexation of Ukraine's Crimea...Голос Америки

China Retaliates After US Legislation Supports Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement

The Chinese foreign ministry said Monday it is slapping sanctions on U.S.-based non-governmental organizations that have acted "badly" during the recent protests in Hong Kong...Голос Америки

Iran "seriously reconsider" stepping back from UN atomic watchdog

Iran "seriously reconsider" stepping back from UN atomic watchdog

Iran is frustrated by Europe's refusal to defy the threat of US sanctions against any European company that trades with Iran.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

More European Nations Join Effort to Bypass US Sanctions on Iran

In joint statement, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden commit to join INSTEX system to enable companies to trade with Iran without facing US sanctions Голос Америки

Possible New Doping Sanctions Loom for Russia

Country faces possible 2020 Olympic Ban After Alleged Doping Violations Голос Америки

Medvedev announced requests to keep the counter-sanctions forever

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeated that the sanctions standoff has benefited the Russian economy.Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Iran Keeps Internet Mostly Off for 7th Day as US Levies Sanctions

The Trump administration says it's sanctioning Iran's ICT Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi for restricting the Iranian people's access to the internet...Голос Америки

Saudi King Urges Iran to Quit 'Harmful' Expansionism

A wave of demonstrations erupted in the sanctions-hit country on Friday after an announcement that petrol prices would be raised by as much as 200 percent with immediate...Голос Америки

US Sanctions People, Networks Accused of Supporting Islamic State

US Treasury Department announced Monday new round of sanctions targeting four individuals and five companies operating in Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan and several other countries for involvement in supporting IS...Голос Америки

US Cancels Civil Nuclear Cooperation Waiver for Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cancelling one of four sanctions waivers that had allowed foreign companies to work with Iran's civilian nuclear program without US penalties...Голос Америки

US Blacklists Companies, People for Support of Islamic State

...companies and two people operating in Syria, Turkey, the Gulf and Europe were blacklisted under an executive order that imposes sanctions on terrorists and those who have provided assistance or support for terrorists...Голос Америки

German Greens Party urges sanctions against Turkey

German Greens Party urges sanctions against Turkey

A motion for a series of sanctions against Turkey was approved with a large majority on November 16 evening.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Iran Looking to Boost Exports of Its 'Red Gold' Saffron

...of the expensive spice that is important to the nation's economy. But Iran's farmers will have to overcome renewed U.S. sanctions to boost sales. VOA's Jim Randle narrates our report.Голос Америки

UN Report: Jordan, UAE, Turkey, Sudan Accused of Violating Sanctions on Libya

Report to the UN Security Council Libya sanctions committee, seen by Reuters on Monday, also accuses Sudan and the head of Sudan's Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Mohamed Hamdan...Голос Америки

N. Korea Slams Door on Japan PM Abe Visit, Calls Him an 'Idiot'

31, but Japan said they were likely ballistic missiles that violated UN sanctions Голос Америки

US Sanctions 3 Nicaraguan Officials

The Trump administration is sanctioning three Nicaraguan officials accused of human rights abuses, election fraud and corruption...Голос Америки

US Slaps Sanctions on Five Venezuelan Officials

The officials have been linked to violence against opposition protesters and to corruption under Maduro's socialist government Голос Америки

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