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Armenian Foreign Minister: We will not tolerate threats and language of force

...language of force. Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan stated this from the rostrum of the parliament, referring to the warlike rhetoric of Azerbaijan. He noted that "our position on the issue of threats and the use of force against Armenia...Arminfo: Главная

AP Fact Check: Faulty Trump Claims on Virus Drug, Vote Fraud

A look at the rhetoric and reality as the pandemic's death toll approached 100,000 in the U.S...Голос Америки

Press Freedom Under Attack in Latin America, Experts Say

From hostile government rhetoric to harassment and killings, Latin America's journalists are being threatened...Голос Америки

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's Viral Spin on Virus;

Here are the facts behind some of the political rhetoric of the past week, on the virus and more...Голос Америки

Buckle Up: What to Watch as Impeachment Trial Takes Off(2)

Senators like to float above messy politics in what's known by some as the dignified 'upper chamber, home of Congress' cooler heads and lofty rhetoric Голос Америки

Iranian Students in US Find Turmoil on Both Fronts

Unrest in Iran and anti-immigrant rhetoric in US is seeding fear, they say...Голос Америки

As Jewish Enclaves Spring Up Around NYC, So Does Intolerance

...of Orthodox Jewish communities in New York City's suburbs has led to sparring over new housing development and flare-ups of rhetoric that some say is cloaked anti-Semitism...Голос Америки

Madrid Social Center Becomes Focus for Clashes on Immigration, Welfare(2)

Government spokeswoman says inflammatory rhetoric from Vox, which staged a visit to the area during a recent campaign, had created a dangerous climate...Голос Америки

Lavrov: Much remains to be done with regard to a long-term political  settlement of the Karabakh conflict(2)

Affairs of Azerbaijan and Armenia will consolidate these processes, "Lavrov said. He added that he absolutely supported Aliyev's thesis that rhetoric should be avoided in order to reach a settlement that goes against the fundamental principles approved by both sides...Arminfo: Главная

Ruben Safrastyan urged to wait for the results of the behind-the-scenes negotiations between the Turkish and American sides

Orientalist, the United States and Turkey will be able to achieve some mutual agreement, and Turkey will not tighten its rhetoric. At the same time, Safrastyan did not rule out that recent events could lead to increased pressure on the...Arminfo: Главная

Biden: Kushner has no 'Credentials' for White House Post

That assessment, which the Democratic presidential hopeful offered in a wide-ranging '60 Minutes' interview, ratchets up the rhetoric between Trump and Biden over each other's adult children and family business affairs...Голос Америки

Serbia's Besieged N1 Broadcaster Blames President for Harassment

Executive producer of foreign-owned broadcaster calls threats against his staff a result of rhetoric by high-level Serbian officials...Голос Америки

China Lambasts Peter Navarro's Credibility

Analysts say China's harsh rhetoric is driven by the top leadership's inability to ease trade tensions with the US and internal political pressure...Голос Америки

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict reaches dangerous stage

A risky combination of official Armenian rhetoric and the exhaustion of Azerbaijani patience raises concern that another full-scale war could break out in the South Caucasus.1NEWS.AZ - Последние новости Азербайджана

Inflammatory Impeachment Rhetoric Threatens Irreparable Divide

President Trump denounces whistleblower as a traitor while Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters declares president needs to be 'imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement' Голос Америки

Venezuela's Socialist Govt. Happy Over Removal of John Bolton(2)

Senior official in country's embattled government expresses delight over firing of US national security adviser, whose hawkish views and tough rhetoric were constant irritants for the region's leftist leaders...Голос Америки

US Diplomat: Dodik Rhetoric Undermining Bosnian Government Deal(2)

Top diplomat to Balkans welcomes agreement aimed at breaking political deadlock Голос Америки

Democrats Target Trump’s Rhetoric in Wake of Shootings    (2)

From Joe Biden to Elizabeth Warren to Cory Booker, Democratic presidential contenders have stepped up their attacks on President Trump and what they say is his divisive rhetoric Голос Америки

Democrats Ramp up Attacks on Trump's Rhetoric in Wake of Shootings(2)

...the Democrats running for president have intensified their criticism of President Donald Trump and what they say is his divisive rhetoric.  Trump remains the central issue in the Democratic race, as we hear from VOA National correspondent Jim Malone in...Голос Америки

Researchers Call for Action to Stem Online Hate(2)

Researchers studying Internet hate sites at the Simon Wiesenthal Center say social media companies need to work toward harder to stem online hatred, and politicians should tone down the rhetoric Голос Америки

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