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Завтра в Екатеринбурге откроется фестиваль Public art

В Екатеринбурге завтра, 3 июля, состоится открытие фестиваля уличного искусства Public art. Как рассказали в администрации города, организаторы предоставили эскизы работ художников со всей России. На данный момент комиссия по подготовке...Он-лайн газета "Вечерние Ведомости"

Sweden to hold public inquiry into country's handling of coronavirus

Sweden to hold public inquiry into country

Sweden chose not to close restaurants, bars, schools and shops to fight the spread of the virus. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Russian Voters Back Reforms Allowing Putin to Stay Until 2036

Top Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny slammed the results as a 'huge lie' not reflecting real public opinion...Голос Америки

San Francisco Police Limit Use of Mugshots

Police say they will stop releasing mugshots to the public to reduce racial bias...Голос Америки

AP-NORC Poll: White Democrats Grow More Critical of Police

According to a recent poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research a majority of white Democrats say police officers are more likely to use deadly force against a Black...Голос Америки

Siri on HomePod Performs Worse than Alexa and Google Assistant

As Apple's HomePod is now available for public, it is undergoing different tests.iPhoneRoot.com

First Public Beta of iOS 11.3 is Released

Apple has released iOS 11.3 public beta 1 as promised earlier and there are already some outstanding features. Apple updated its privacy policy and added more...iPhoneRoot.com

Факультет искусств Monash University открыл новую магистерскую программу Master of Public Policy

В топовом австралийском вузе Monash University открылась новая магистерская программа, которая подготовит вас к государственной деятельности на местном и международном уровне в любой стране мира и даст толчок к управленческой карьере. Все образование Австралии


...your vacation is a brilliant idea because you wouldn’t be visiting interesting places or sightseeing just on foot or with public buses. When on a trip with a loved one or a partner, going in a private car is more...Экологический журнал "Оземле.нет"

Facebook Bans Violent 'Boogaloo' Groups, Not the Term Itself

...it is removing groups, accounts and pages when they have a 'clear connection to violence or a credible threat to public safety'...Голос Америки

Former French PM Fillon Guilty of Fraud

Court convicts Francois Fillon for using public funds to pay his wife for work never done; Penelope Fillion convicted as an accomplice, both will appeal ...Голос Америки

Despairing Russian Doctors Cast Doubt on Coronavirus Tally

Many Russian medics voice dismay at what they say is poor public appreciation for their sacrifices and anger with a government for failing them and patients...Голос Америки

Princeton to Remove Wilson Name From Public Policy School

Move, made because of president's segregationist views, reverses decision school made four years ago to retain the name Голос Америки

Women Support French Police Amid Public Discontent

Support surfaced as governments across France attempt to change law enforcement practices and punish officers suspected of racism Голос Америки

White House Does Not Commit to Temperature Checks in Meeting with U.S.

Airlines want government to administer temperature checks to all passengers in bid to reassure public Голос Америки

Юрий Борисов стал Билли Миллиганом в новом клипе Федука

Юрий Борисов стал Билли Миллиганом в новом клипе Федука

Новинка от Feduk (потенциально главный танцевальный хит лета) с перевоплощающимся во множество личностей Юрием Борисовым, протестное высказывание от Public Enemy, а также EP Левана Горозии: "Газета.Ru" представляет традиционный плейлист недели.Главные новости дня - Газета.Ru

Kenya: 3 People Killed in Clash With Police Over Face Masks

Activists say there has been no groundswell of widespread public support for change in Kenya even as protests have erupted in many parts of the world over police abuse...Голос Америки

White House Asks Supreme Court to Invalidate Obamacare Amid Coronavirus Pandemic(2)

Coronavirus task force will hold a public briefing Friday...Голос Америки

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