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Drones Help Prevent Salmon Poaching on the Amur River in the Russian Far East(2)

Drones Help Prevent Salmon Poaching on the Amur River in the Russian Far East

...on round-the-clock duty in the Khabarovsk region to arrest poachers. Now valuable breeds of fish go to spawn under enhanced protection. In the past several weeks dozens of criminal cases have been opened, but it doesn't stop illegal fishermen as...Вести.Ru: новости, видео и фото дня

Zapad-2017 Closes with a Tank Carousel in Belarus

Zapad-2017 Closes with a Tank Carousel in Belarus

...participate in the military exercises. These machines, which were just adopted, have a powerful engine of 1200 horsepower, reinforced armor protection against cumulative projectiles, a modernized gun, and a rear-view camera. This is a special smoke protection, that allows the...Вести.Ru: новости, видео и фото дня

Spain fines Facebook for 'serious infringements' of data protection law

Spain fines Facebook for

The regulator found Facebook collects data on ideology, sex, religious beliefs, personal tastes and navigation. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

MMK invests RUB 1.64 bln in environmental protection activities in 1H 2017

The initiatives are part of the MMK annual environmental program designed to... Проект Русский Кабель (RusCable.Ru)

Baku closes down cafe 'for suspicion of protecting Armenians'

Baku closes down cafe

A cafe in central Baku called 26, located near the Sahil park was closed down due to "suspicion of providing protection to Armenians."...Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Жертвами урагана «Харви» в Техасе стали уже 70 человек

Последствия урагана Харви в США© Photo U.S. Customs and Border Protection Власти американского штата «Техас» огласили последние данные по числу погибших из-за разрушительного урагана «Харви». По данным AP, с 25 августа...Русский Еврей

Artsvik Minasyan: " We bring efforts to restore the damage caused by fires

ArmInfo.In 2017, the forests in Armenia burned unprecedentedly, "Artsvik Minasyan, Minister of Nature Protection of Armenia told in the National Assembly on September 6. He also reminded that this year the fires were on...Arminfo: Главная

The government of Armenia discussed the work to eliminate the consequences of major fires on the territory of the republic>

David Tonoyan, in turn, reported that a discussion was held around possible causes of fires. In order to strengthen the protection of the territory of the Khosrov Forest, Tonoyan suggested placing on the roads near the entrance and exit and...Arminfo: Главная

Выпуск #228

Принтеры как слабое звено корпоративной сети; Kernel Patch Protection: больше вреда, чем пользы? BugTraq.Ru: RSN

Refugee overload for Arctic border town

...compound is turned into refugee reception center. On a windy hill outside Kirkenes representatives of the Norwegian Directorate of Civil Protection show journalists around in buildings, which formerly housed military units guarding the nearby border to Russia.Just a couple of...BarentsObserver

Armenia expects for the visit of US Forest Service team to restore burnt forests.

...for the restoration of burnt forests will visit the village, which will render appropriate assistance to the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia and employees of the state reserve "Khosrov Forest". This was announced by US Ambassador Richard Mills on...Arminfo: Главная

Under the slogan: "I am the owner doing everything I want, and no one can stop me" another green zone is being destroyed in Yerevan

"This case should deal with the Ministry of Nature Protection and inform law enforcement agencies about the incident," the official said.Arminfo: Главная

Syrian army, allied troops shifting entire focus to Deir ez-Zor battle

Syrian army, allied troops shifting entire focus to Deir ez-Zor battle

About 120,000 civilians, crammed into the northern districts of the city, live under the protection of government-led forces.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Artsvik Minasyan: Do not try to find a dark cat in a dark room, especially if it is not there

ArmInfo. Minister of Nature Protection of Armenia Artsvik Minasyan urged not to look for a black cat in a dark room, especially if it is...Arminfo: Главная

Since September 2017, protection of three sections of National Park "Dilijan" to be carried by a private company

ArmInfo.In Armenia, for the first time, a pilot project is launched to ensure the protection of national parks by a private company.Arminfo: Главная

David Tonoyan: RA Ministry of Emergency Situations was not late with the request and acted adequately to situation

...of Armenia reacted immediately, the environmental programs were also implemented adequately. "To this day, employees of the Ministry of Nature Protection are working on the reserve's territory, rescuers are struggling to save every plant and tree," he said. Answering the...Arminfo: Главная

Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia banned hunting in vicinity of "Khosrov Forest" reserve

...in the reserve, some birds and animals were forced to move to a safer area nearby. In a statement Nature Protection Ministry, in particular, it calls on the citizens of the republic not to hurt the animals that moved to...Arminfo: Главная

Стандарты GDPR - что нужно для обеспечения комплайенса?

ПО и программы-вымогатели – всеобщий бич, на размер они не смотрят. В Британии Акт по защите конфиденциальных данных - Data Protection Act (DPA) – действует уже с 1998 года, и остро назрела необходимость его обновления. Технологии на протяжении последних двух...GAAP.RU теория и практика финансового учета

A 3-point earthquake in Armenia

16, at 05:07 local time (01:07 GMT), the earthquake with a magnitude of 2.5 has been recorded by the Seismic Protection Service of the Ministry of Emergencies. "The geographic coordinates of the earthquake are 40.77 degrees north latitude and 44.35...Arminfo: Главная

Armenian Nature Protection Ministry: fire in Khosrov reserve caused big damage to ecosystem

...the fire in Khosrov Reserve caused great damage to the environment. This, as the press service of Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia, stated the head of the department Artsvik Minasyan. According to him, the fire covered a significant territory...Arminfo: Главная

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