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As Us Prepares For Deal with Taliban, Afghan Opposition Party Threatens Parallel Government

The news of a potential deal with the Taliban and subsequent intra-Afghan dialogue comes amid an ongoing political struggle Голос Америки

Australia Prepares To Rescue Citizens From Virus-Hit Cruise Ship

Australia preparing to rescue citizens from virus-hit cruise liner in Japan...Голос Америки

US Prepares for Second Wave of Flu as Coronavirus Fears Rise

The flu's first wave killed 14,000 Americans; health officials are to begin testing some patients with flu symptoms for coronavirus Голос Америки

Deepfakes: Silicon Valley Prepares to Battle the Latest Election Threat

Fear of misleading videos disrupting an election is driving a race to develop detection tools Голос Америки

'Fragile' Africa Prepares for High Risk of Coronavirus Spread

On a poor continent where health care capacity is limited, early detection of any outbreak is crucial Голос Америки

An Isolation Ward Prepares Itself To Receive Afghan Students From Wuhan

Wuhan, China, home to the quickly spreading coronavirus is also a major university town that hosts thousands of foreign students including many Afghan students. Голос Америки

Kabul Hospital Prepares to Receive Afghan Students From Virus-hit China

Wuhan, China, home to the quickly spreading coronavirus hosts thousands of foreign students including many Afghan students Голос Америки

Singapore Prepares for Doctor Visits Over Video Call(2)

Singapore looks to add to its regional lead in medical technology by adding telemedicine Голос Америки

GOP Squirms as Bolton Prepares to Dish on Trump White House

Leaked passages from the manuscript of Trump's former national security adviser's soon-to-be published book are roiling Washington, including the revelation that he says Trump told him he was conditioning the release of military aid to Ukraine Голос Америки

Back To The Gates Of Hell: Survivor Prepares For Return To Auschwitz

Hundreds of former prisoners will return to the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz to mark the 75th anniversary of its liberation Голос Америки

Back to Gates of Hell: Survivor Prepares for Return to Auschwitz

1.1 million people, mostly Jews, were murdered at the Nazi extermination camp Голос Америки

Australia Prepares for Controversial National Day

Australia Day or Invasion Day? Australians and Indigenous population grapple with national day dilemma Голос Америки

Israel's Internal Politics Raise Tensions with Jordan

As US prepares Mideast plan, Israeli politicians' contest on how much of the West Bank they will annex is causing anxiety and frustration...Голос Америки

Number of New Virus Infections Triples in China

...the new strain of coronavirus can be spread from human to human, which is bad news for China as it prepares for the Spring Holiday.Голос Америки

UK Looks to Fast-Growing Africa for Trade Ties After Brexit

Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Harry have touted the UK as an ideal business partner for Africa as their country prepares for post-Brexit dealings with the world...Голос Америки

US Prepares for Possible Iranian Reprisal After Drone Strike

US officials are aware that Iran could try to strike a high-level American leader in a 'tit-for-tat' move, potentially a military commander Голос Америки

Hollywood Prepares to Toast Winners at Golden Globes

Victory at the Globes ensures key momentum for the Oscars, which are a little more than a month away Голос Америки

Nation Deeply Polarized as Senate Prepares for Trump Trial(2)

...of the House of Representatives voted Wednesday to charge President Donald Trump with two articles of impeachment. As the Senate prepares to address the issue in the new year, public opinion in the U.S. on impeachment remains polarized. VOA's Ardita...Голос Америки

Erdogan, Putin Hold More Discussions on Libya(2)

Talks come Ankara prepares for the possible deployment of soldiers to the war-torn country...Голос Америки

Collared Elephant Killed as Botswana Prepares to Issue 272 Hunting Licenses(2)

Hunters say they mistakenly shot the bull, which was collared for research purposes Голос Америки

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