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Armenian Minister of Defense and co-reporters for monitoring PACE discussed human rights issues in RA Armed Forces

ArmInfo. Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan met with co- reporters of the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Giuseppe Galatti and Julia Lovochkina. During the meeting, the program "Strengthening the implementation of European standards in...Arminfo: Главная

EN Предобзор: The New HTC U12+ Smartphone Hands On (AnandTech, автор: Ian Cutress)

After the latest deal with Google on personnel, the next flagship out from HTC is the U12+, succeeding the squeeze-focused U11 and U11+ from 2017.Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

Over 100 Turkish military officers given life sentence over failed coup

Over 100 Turkish military officers given life sentence over failed coup

Up to 106 military personnel were given aggravated life sentences for "attempting to organize a coup" in which 250 people were killed.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Убийства в школе Санта-Фе: двое задержанных и восемь трупов

...send our support and love to everyone affected by this horrible attack in Texas. To the students, families, teachers and personnel at Santa Fe High School – we are with you in this tragic hour, and we will be with...Вести.Ru: новости, видео и фото дня

Nikol Pashinyan started personnel cleaning of second echelon of Cabinet of Ministers

ArmInfo. The Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan started the personnel cleaning of the second echelon of the Cabinet of Ministers. As the press service of the government reports, in particular...Arminfo: Главная

New Minister of Diaspora of Armenia: during the ruling of the Republican Party there was not a single department in which there would be no corruption

Hayrapetyan said on May 14 in an interview with reporters Mkhitar Hayrapetyan does not exclude staff reshuffle in the department. "Personnel changes in the Ministry of Diaspora will be, but I can not name the precise terms of implementation for...Arminfo: Главная

Armenia creates think tank of military-industrial complex

...which clearly articulates the task, "he said. According to the deputy minister, this is a small structure, the number of personnel at the first stage will be 10 people, which will perform a non-substituting and complementary function, especially since "the...Arminfo: Главная

Edmon Marukyan: Yelk bloc representatives did not discuss the issue on taking part in a new Government personnel

ArmInfo. Representatives of Yelk bloc did not discuss the issue on their participation in the personnel of a new government, Edmon Marukyan, MP from Yelk faction stated on May 4 during the conversation with the journalists.Arminfo: Главная

Staff of Armenian Nuclear Power Plant expresses solidarity with the national movement

This is stated in the statement of the personnel of the Armenian nuclear power plant, which was received by the ArmInfo agency.Arminfo: Главная

Pashinyan: The page of hatred and enmity closed in Armenia and will never open again

...page of hatred and enmity is closed and it will never open again, " he said. Answering whether to expect personnel pogroms after his coming to power, Pashinyan stressed that he does not intend to take this step. Meanwhile, to...Arminfo: Главная

Future National Government of Armenia does not intend to carry out personnel genocide

ArmInfo. The future national government of Armenia does not intend to carry out personnel genocide. The leader of the protest movement, head of the Yelk parliamentary faction Nikol Pashinyan stated at a press conference...Arminfo: Главная

Karen Karapetyan made a number of personnel decisions

By another decision of Karapetyan, Garegin Gabrielyan is appointed to the acting first deputy military inspector, and Michael Arzumanyan as an acting deputy head of the military inspector. Arminfo: Главная

Israeli warplanes reportedly continue flying near Syrian border

Israeli warplanes reportedly continue flying near Syrian border

As a result of the attack, at least 14 military personnel were killed, including members of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Нацгвардия выдвинулась на помощь к границе США и Мексики

Нацгвардия выдвинулась на помощь к границе США и Мексики

At the direction @POTUS, and as a result of close coordination with the border state governors and DoD, National Guard personnel are deploying to the border tonight. Statement w #SecDef Mattis @DeptofDefensepic.twitter.com/uCWUxvS7yZ — Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen (@SecNielsen) 7 апреля 2018...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Vagharshak Harutyunyan: Russia has the full right to establish a military police unit on the territory of the Russian base in Gyumri

...pose any threat to Armenia. Moreover, according to Harutyunyan, this is a necessary strategic step. "The number of military police personnel will amount to 200 people, about what kind of threat or what back targets are involved," the ex-minister asked.Arminfo: Главная

Russian military to concede key town in Aleppo to Turkish-backed forces(2)

Russian military to concede key town in Aleppo to Turkish-backed forces

Russian military personnel stationed at a small base in the town of Tal Riffat are to leave it to Turkish-backed forces, reports say.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Karabakh tank drills focus on open-fire forms and methods(2)

Karabakh tank drills focus on open-fire forms and methods

The tank drills are aimed at training the personnel to apply theoretical knowledge, improve their professional skills.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Artak Beglaryan: International community turns a blind eye to Baku`s  militarist rhetoric(2)

...exercises involving various types of troops, associations and formations of the Azerbaijani army. "The exercises will be attended by 25,000 personnel of military personnel, up to 250 tank units and other armored vehicles, up to 1,000 rocket and artillery units...Arminfo: Главная

Tank trainings launched in  Artsakh(2)

Defense of the NKR, the purpose of the exercises is to apply theoretical knowledge on the part of the military personnel, to improve their professional skills, to develop the ability to make independent decisions in the course of combat missions.Arminfo: Главная

For two years, Armenia and Azerbaijan bought weapons worth about $  700 million.(2)

...the country), 215 anti-tank missiles Spike-NLOS. Moscow supplied Baku with 36 units of heavy flame-throwing systems (TOS-1), 40 BTR-82A armored personnel carriers, and 800 Chrysanthemum ATGM units. In Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan purchased 18 units of 152-mm self-propelled gun-howitzer "Dana". Another 10...Arminfo: Главная

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