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Pakistani School Training Future Competitive Skiers

It's also home to Pakistan's famous ski school where these days lessons are free Голос Америки

US Airstrikes Kill 4 Islamic State Terrorists in Afghanistan

Two counterterrorism airstrikes Tuesday focused on areas in the Afghan province of Kunar, which houses Islamic State bases and borders Pakistan, the US military spokesman tweeted Голос Америки

Afghanistan Detects 3 Suspected Coronavirus Cases Linked to Outbreak in Iran

Pakistan has shut its border with Iran where authorities have recorded 8 deaths from COVID-19 and new cases are on the rise Голос Америки

Anti-Terror Agency Keeps Pakistan on 'Gray List'

List consists of nations with inadequate mechanisms to curb funding sources to terrorist groups; group cites 'recent and notable improvements' by Islamabad Голос Америки

Annual Off-Road Rally Draws Half a Million Spectators(2)

VOA's Arash Arabasadi reports a living legend once again stepped on the gas and tore through the sand. Голос Америки

UN Chief Hails New Pakistan-India Crossing as 'Corridor of Hope'

Pakistan recently opened the overland passage for Sikh devotees from India to pay a visa-free homage to one of their holiest sites Голос Америки

Peace Alone Not Enough for Afghan Refugees

United Nations and other officials at a refugee conference in Pakistan warn that peace alone will not be enough to send them home. Голос Америки

UN Chief in Pakistan to Renew Focus on Afghan Refugees

Guterres is in Islamabad for meetings with Pakistani leaders and to deliver a keynote address to an international conference Monday marking 40 years of hosting of Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran Голос Америки

Iran's November Gas Price Hike Fails to Ease Fuel Smuggling to Pakistan

Smuggling of relatively cheap Iranian fuel products to neighboring countries has stayed high since November gas price hike, signaling resilience of smuggling networks Голос Америки

Parents of Peshawar Attack Victims React to Terror Group Spokesman's Escape(2)

Parents of the victims of the Peshawar Army Public School terror attack in 2014 claimed by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan demand to know the whereabouts of Ehsanullah Ehsan, the former spokesperson of the terror group who allegedly escaped from a prison in Pakistan this week. ...Голос Америки

Turkish Leader Criticizes Trump's Middle East Peace Plan

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the issue during a visit to Pakistan Голос Америки

Pakistan Moves to Restrict Social Media

Regulations issued by federal government empower authorities to fine or ban social media platforms over their users' content Голос Америки

Pakistan Observer: Россия разочарована дестабилизирующими шагами США(2)

Pakistan Observer: Россия разочарована дестабилизирующими шагами США

Чтобы отметить День дипломатического работника, являющийся весьма значимым и важным фактором в стабилизации международных отношений, генеральный консу... Геополитика - новости и аналитика о глобальной политике в России

Prominent Pakistan Rights Leader Still In Custody Despite International Criticism

Authorities arrested Manzoor Pashteen, leader of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), in January in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Голос Америки

UN Chief to Attend Pakistan-Hosted Meeting on Afghan Refugees

Pakistan officially hosts 1.4 million registered Afghan refugees, making it home to the one of the world's largest refugee populations Голос Америки

ВВС Пакистана получат 26 учебно-боевых истребителей JF-17B

Как сообщает журнал "Jane's Defence Weekly" в статье Alan Warnes "Pakistan Air Force to receive first 12 JF-17B combat aircraft in near future", ВВС Пакистана заказали суммарно поставку 26 учебно-боевых истребителей JF-17B, являющихся двухместным вариантом истребителя совместного пакистано-китайского производства JF-17...Новости Военно-Промышленного Комплекса России и других стран мира - ВПК.name

2 Suspected Rebels, Indian Soldier Killed in Kashmir Fighting

India accuses Pakistan of arming and training the rebels, a charge denied by Islamabad Голос Америки

Pakistan Delays Decision on Movie That Offended Islamists

The controversy over the film also underscores the deepening divisions in Pakistani society in which Islamist parties have become more vocal in recent years Голос Америки

Pakistan Stops Flights To, From China Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Government spokesman cited no reasons, saying only that decision would effect 22 weekly flights Голос Америки

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