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NSS officers caught two SRC inspectors in receiving large-scale bribes

...thus turning a blind eye "to serious violations committed by the above beneficiary, thereby creating favorable conditions for concealing the offense and allowing new violations, and thus causing serious damage to the state. The above officials, by prior agreement, for...Arminfo: Главная

Arthur Davtyan discussed preparations for presidential and  parliamentary elections in Artsakh(2)

...should have guarantees of free will. "I'm sure that even tolerance will not be shown with respect to a minor offense," he said. During the meeting, mechanisms for operational and practical assistance to prosecutors working in the territories of structural...Arminfo: Главная

Britain Plans 'Fundamental Changes' After London Stabbing(2)

Police say suspected attacker was recently released from prison after serving time for terrorism offense Голос Америки

Democrats Make Case Trump Abused Power of the Presidency(2)

House impeachment managers said Trump’s holdup of U.S. military aid to Ukraine to benefit his political interests was the gravest offense a president could commit. Katherine Gypson has more from Capitol Hill in this report voiced by Michael Brown.Голос Америки

Trump Legal Team Mounts Aggressive Defense Against Impeachment(2)

...in the Senate, the White House is mounting an aggressive defense arguing that the president did not commit an impeachable offense and should not be removed from office. White House Correspondent Patsy Widakuswara has the story.Голос Америки

The Kirov Regional Court declared the refusal of officials to negotiate the march near education institutions illegal(2)

The Kirov Regional Court declared the refusal of officials to negotiate the march near education institutions illegal

...the next few days, Im going to file a police report with the requirement to initiate a case of administrative offense against the officials who prevented the march," Artur Abashev said in the social network. According to him, the court's...Журнал 7х7

Why Is Abuse of Power an Impeachable Offense? (2)

Constitution does not directly mention abuse of power as impeachable offense, but Democratic lawmakers, legal experts and precedent support approach...Голос Америки

House Democrats: Trump Abuse of Power Impeachable Offense(2)

VOA's congressional correspondent Katherine Gypson has more from Capitol Hill. Голос Америки

Trump Described Ukraine Call as 'Perfect,' But Some Republicans Say It Wasn't (2)

Some of President's normal Republican supporters say phone call was wrong, improper or inappropriate, albeit not rising to level of offense that Trump should be impeached and removed from office...Голос Америки

Sanders Backs Decriminalization of Illegal Border Crossings(2)

Candidate for Democrats' 2020 presidential nod says unauthorized presence in US should be 'civil, not a criminal, offense' Голос Америки

Концерт американской певицы в Москве испортили криками «Русские, вперед!»(2)

Концерт американской певицы в Москве испортили криками «Русские, вперед!»

символ своего движения. На случай, если не до конца понятно: я не поддерживаю это», – написала в Twitter певица. No offense, it's just a meme:) pic.twitter.com/1ShZd9nyRs– (@88CEBEP88) 29 октября 2019 г.Электронное периодическое издание "Взгляд.ру"

Deputy Prosecutor of Arkhangelsk Oblast considers a fine for disrespect to the Governor Igor Orlov as an authority to be illegal(2)

...in Arkhangelsk upheld the decision. Deputy Prosecutor Sergei Akulich considered that the Governor Igor Orlov was not the object of offense: - The judicial acts adopted in the case are illegal and are subject to cancellation. The courts made a...Журнал 7х7

Five residents of Arkhangelsk oblast, fined for participation in the anti-garbage rally, complained to the European court of human rights(2)

Five residents of Arkhangelsk oblast, fined for participation in the anti-garbage rally, complained to the European court of human rights

Apology of Protest, the division of one action into two violates human rights, as participants are punished twice for one offense. Lawyers questioned the very fact of the offense, as activists participated in a peaceful action, and considered the violation...Журнал 7х7

England and Wales make upskirting a crime

England and Wales make upskirting a crime

Upskirting is now a criminal offense in England and Wales, after a campaign by a woman who was targeted by an offender.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Prime Minister: Draft on revising fines for violating traffic rules  will be submitted to the National Assembly in the near future(2)

...fines of 13 billion drams. "I assure you that people will no longer be fined for nothing, for any insignificant offense. We allocated some funds from the state budget to finance the Armenian Police, and the state budget takes on...Arminfo: Главная

Students demand  resignation of Yerevan State University Head(2)

...described the abuses revealed in the main university of the country as "serious violations" that "contain elements of a criminal offense". At the end of December, David Sanasaryan wrote on his Facebook page that the results of the checks carried...Arminfo: Главная

Iranian citizen tried to import forbidden semisynthetic opioid drugs into Armenia

...of Armenia. At present, a set of necessary measures is being carried out to establish all the circumstances of the offense. "ArmInfo correspondent was told in the press service of Border Directorate of the Federal Security Service of Russia in...Arminfo: Главная

Osipyan saw no demonstrators with firearms during the dispersal of rallies on March 1-2, 2008

1-2 operation, but one can not unequivocally assert that one of them exceeded his official duties and committed a criminal offense. Asked if there was an order to disperse the demonstrators with firearms, Osipyan said that he could not know...Arminfo: Главная

Armenian police assures: Police is  monitoring the situation in Amoulsar(2)

...conducts field service. We received messages and calls of various kinds that will be the subject of discussions and any offense will receive a legal assessment. howling information provided by the media do not try to mislead the society ",...Arminfo: Главная

Head of Armenian National Security Service gives clarification on a  number of high-profile cases(2)

...rates in online casino., - he noted. This act, as explained Vanetsyan, clearly can be qualified as a criminal offense. The head of the NSS also touched upon the announcement of the search for ex-defense minister Mikael Harutyunyan in...Arminfo: Главная

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