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Sanders Easily Wins Nevada's Democratic Presidential Nominating Caucuses

Some opponents doubt the democratic socialist's chances against Trump, but Sanders has won the popular vote in all three early party nominating contests Голос Америки

Sanders Scores Decisive Win in Nevada Caucus

Bernie Sanders has decisively won the Nevada Democratic caucuses, solidifying his lead for his party's presidential nomination. Голос Америки

From Fringe Candidate to Front-Runner: Sanders Wins Nevada With Diverse Backers

Hispanics in particular - who account for nearly one-third of Nevada's population - loomed large in his victory as he claimed support from more than half of the Latinos attending Saturday's caucuses Голос Америки

Sanders Wins: Key Nevada Caucuses Takeaways

Sen. Bernie Sanders' convincing victory in the Nevada caucuses has made him the undisputed front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination Голос Америки

Nevada Caucuses Bellagio Hotel Precinct

Nevada held its presidential caucuses Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020. Here is a caucus site at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas Голос Америки

Nevada Avoids Another Vote Counting Fiasco

But precinct workers had trouble phoning in results Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Candidates Compete in Nevada Caucus

The Western state brings a more diverse electorate than others so far in the race, and officials are confident there will not be vote-counting problems as in Iowa Голос Америки

Presidential Candidates Eagerly Court the Hispanic Vote in Nevada

As VOA's Carolyn Presutti found, while all candidates hope to attract the Hispanic vote, some are more successful than others. Голос Америки

360 Video: Fountains and Crowds in Las Vegas

Las Vegas' popular strip, home to hotels and casinos, is crowded with tourists and crowd-pleasing sites. Голос Америки

Presidential Candidates Court Hispanic Vote in Nevada

State holds 'First Caucus in the West' and is also first test of candidates' appeal to minority voters Голос Америки

Bloomberg Targeted at Democratic Presidential Debate(2)

Opponents accuse him of trying to buy party nomination, while attacking his record as New York mayor and treatment of women at his company Голос Америки

Nevada Provides Next Test for US Presidential Candidates

Union voters caucus early in Las Vegas Голос Америки

Democrats Set for Debate as Race For President Moves to Nevada

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg joins hopefuls Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Warren for first time on stage Wednesday Голос Америки

Early Voting Begins in Nevada in Democrats' Search for Presidential Candidate

Nevada becomes third state to cast votes for the person who will represent the Democratic Party in November's election against President Trump Голос Америки

Early US Democratic Presidential Caucus Voting Starts in Nevada

Bernie Sanders could win again, pre-election polls show Голос Америки

Sanders, Buttigieg Lead Muddled Democratic Race

Major tests loom in Nevada, South Carolina and on Super Tuesday Голос Америки

Muddled Democratic Presidential Race Heads to Nevada, South Carolina

Sanders and Buttigieg lead pack after two contests Голос Америки

After New Hampshire Surge, Klobuchar Turns to Nevada, Beyond

Democratic presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar is hoping her strong third-place finish in New Hampshire will provide enough momentum to be competitive in Nevada and the states that come next Голос Америки

Democratic Presidential Candidates Soon to Face More Diverse Electorates

African Americans and Latinos play prominent roles in Nevada and South Carolina, compared with mostly white states of Iowa and New Hampshire Голос Америки

After Iowa Caucus Problems, Concerns Grow Over Nevada's Plan

Volunteers who will be leading the Feb. 22 caucuses say key information had yet to be shared Голос Америки

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