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Опубликовано видео с российским авианосцем "Адмирал Кузнецов" у берегов Норвегии(2)

Опубликовано видео с российским авианосцем "Адмирал Кузнецов" у берегов Норвегии

На кадрах видно, что российские корабли по пути их следования по Норвежскому морю сопровождают фрегат F310 Fridtjof Nansen и британский эсминец типа 23 F239 Richmond.IT.TUT.BY: информационные технологии в Беларуси

Самые мощные корабли России: первые фото эскадры, плывущей в Сирию

Lockheed P-3C Orion из состава 333-й эскадрильи ВВС Норвегии. С 18 октября корабельная авианосная группа Северного флота сопровождается фрегатом Fridtjof Nansen ВМС Норвегии. В объектив попали авианесущий крейсер «Адмирал Флота Советского Союза Кузнецов», тяжелый атомный ракетный крейсер «Петр Великий», палубный...Новостной портал Объединенных демократических сил Беларуси - UDF.BY.

Корабли НАТО приплыли в Ригу(4)

дней. В Ригу прибыли флагман, фрегат NRP Francisco De Almeida ВМС Португалии, фрегат HMCS Winnipeg ВМС Канады, фрегат HNOLS Fridtjof Nansen ВМС Норвегии и патрульный корабль FS Commandant Blaison ВМС Франции. Латвия является членом НАТО с 2004 года. По материалам:...Постсовет.RU

Who knows most about the Lomonosov Ridge?

...crossing the Lomonosov Ridge as many as five times. That provided the two researchers, both of them representatives of the Nansen Center (NERSC), with a unique opportunity to collect seismic data from the area. When returning to Norway on 22...BarentsObserver

Kids make history at North Pole

Kids make history at North Pole

...of the partcipants, says as he and the other teenagers plant a project flag at 90 degrees north. The project Expedition Nansen, organized by Norwegian broadcaster NRK, was initiated in 2014 and aims at raising awareness about challenges in the Arctic.BarentsObserver

More naval activity in Norway’s northernmost regions(2)

More naval activity in Norway’s northernmost regions

...give us lots of space to train both above and beneath water.” This is the first time one of Norway’s new Nansen-class frigates moors in the port of Kirkenes. Norway has five frigates of this class, which were built at the...BarentsObserver

Nansen memorial disembarks on Taimyr

DUDINKA: Joint Norwegian, Russian expedition arrived in Siberia, repeating the voyage Fridtjof Nansen made in 1913. Today, the Taimyr Peninsula is where traditional indigenous peoples life meets the severe consequences of the industry...BarentsObserver

"The dogs protect us against Polar bears" new

Dikson as climate changes shrink the sea ice earlier in the season. In early morning hours “Professor Molchanov” with the Nansen Memorial Expedition made her way through the eastern Kara Sea to Dikson. This legendary town was during the Cold...BarentsObserver

Kara Strait will never be new Suez

...boom yet along the Northern Sea Route. Felix Tschudi enjoys standing on the top deck of the vessel bringing the Nansen Memorial Expedition further and further north into Russian Arctic waters. Felix sees bright perspectives for shipping here on the...BarentsObserver

From thick pack-ice to blue sea

...sight for Jan-Gunnar Winther, Head of the Norwegian Polar Institute, as he sails across the very same position where Fridtjof Nansen’s voyage ran into sever ice condition in August 1913. The Nansen Memorial Expedition is like a voyage in the...BarentsObserver

Oil hunger not reason for Barents treaty

Norway was part of a broader Russian strategy to secure stability in the Arctic, argues researcher Arild Moe as the Nansen Expedition sails through the waters in question. We have left the White Sea behind and are well into the...BarentsObserver

No share of the oil wealth

...the Barents Sea, but the local Nenets people haven’t seen much of the income. Today, they were visited by the Nansen Memorial Expedition. After a 45 minutes “ride” we come to shore near the only village on the island; Bugrino.BarentsObserver

Crossing the warmest Arctic Ocean

WHITE SEA: The first full day at sea for the Nansen Memorial Expedition was a great mixture of exploring the ocean on the outer deck and learning the history given in...BarentsObserver

Departure show for Nansen

And we, the members of the 2013 Nansen expedition.BarentsObserver

Nansen memorial sets sail towards Siberia

...the White Sea Tuesday towards the Northern Sea Route to mark the anniversary of the August 1913 expedition of Fridtjof Nansen to Siberia. BarentsObserver is onboard and will post blogs from the two weeks long expedition. First part of the...BarentsObserver

Wants to copy Nansen's "Fram"

Wants to copy Nansen

...again. This journey, with is planned to start in November-December 2013 is assumed to take some six months. When Fridtjof Nansen and his crew let their vessel “Fram” freeze into the ice sheet in the eastern part of the Arctic...BarentsObserver

"Dr. Fridtjof Nansen" ready for Arctic voyages in 2016(2)

"Dr. Fridtjof Nansen" ready for Arctic voyages in 2016

Fridtjof Nansen" will have ice-class Polar 10 Icebreaker.BarentsObserver

UNHCR: Fridtjof Nansen’s legacy lives on in hearts of Armenians(2)

UNHCR: Fridtjof Nansen’s legacy lives on in hearts of Armenians

Fridtjof Nansen pursued innovative approaches to uphold human dignity in situations of conflict and displacement.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Construction of Nansen Museum causes indignation of green activists

The construction of the Fridtjof Nansen Museum has caused the indignation of green activists. The future museum will be located in the park adjoining Nansen Street.Arminfo: Главная

Norway and Russia ready for joint naval exercises(2)

Norway and Russia ready for joint naval exercises

The crew of "Fridtjof Nansen" was interview by Russian media when they arrived in Severomorsk eralier this week. Photo: Luise Salte, FOHAuthor(s): Trude Pettersen The...BarentsObserver

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