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US, North Korea Allude to War Ahead of Pyongyang's Deadline

North Korea responded to President Trump's threat to use US military force if necessary...Голос Америки

Massive explosion hits Turkish military convoy in Aleppo

Massive explosion hits Turkish military convoy in Aleppo

The explosion occurred as the Turkish military was heading towards their base in the town of Al-Baldaq.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Military: Sailor Shoots 3 at Pearl Harbor, Takes His Own Life

The military didn't release a motive or any identifying information about the sailor who opened fire...Голос Америки

Cameroon Says 250 Ex-Militants Surrendered in 2019

But former rebels say lack of trust in military is preventing more militants from dropping their weapons...Голос Америки

Trump Administration Quietly Releases Lebanon Military Aid

The Trump administration has quietly released more than $100 million in military assistance to Lebanon after months of unexplained delay...Голос Америки

More 20 U.S. military vehicles enter Syria from Iraq: report

More 20 U.S. military vehicles enter Syria from Iraq: report

Syrian state television reported that several U.S. military vehicles had entered northeastern Syria from Iraq.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

A Military Aviation Tracking Twitter Account Reports a US Spy Plane Flew Over S. Korea

Surveillance comes after North Korea's 13th projectile launch this year Голос Америки

Ключ к Арктике: в США отреагировали на пуск "Кинжала" в Заполярье

Издание Military Watch отреагировало на испытания крылатой гиперзвуковой ракеты "Кинжал" в экстремальных условиях Арктики.Новости Военно-Промышленного Комплекса России и других стран мира - ВПК.name

Israeli Army Kills Alleged Palestinian Teen Attacker

Israeli military says its forces spotted three people hurling firebombs at Israeli vehicles near Hebron and fired at them; the two others...Голос Америки

Mexico Bristles at US Cartel Terror Designation Plan

Many Mexicans fear terrorist designation could lead to unilateral US military action against gangs...Голос Америки

More Deaths Feared From Cholera in Cameroon

The military and health staffers are teaching residents ways to improve hygiene and sanitation...Голос Америки

Students in Pakistan Demand Right to Form Unions

The right was taken away in the 80s by military dictator Zia ul-Haq. The result was docile student bodies and a depoliticized society, some say...Голос Америки

NATO Seeks to Head Off Budget Row Saying Spending is Rising

Secretary-General says European allies and Canada spending more than previously thought, days before President Trump expected to demand boost in military budgets...Голос Америки

Большинство американцев поддерживают военное вмешательство США в другие страны(2)

от того, имеется ли прямая угроза для самих США, следует из опроса, проведенного среди американцев Президентским фондом Рональда Рейгана, передаёт Military Times.Новости Военно-Промышленного Комплекса России и других стран мира - ВПК.name

France to Reconsider Conditions of Military Role in Africa

Helicopter collision killed 13 soldiers fighting Islamic State group-linked extremists in Mali Голос Америки

Macron Urges Big Strategic NATO Discussion at London Summit

NATO leaders must have a deep discussion about the future of the military alliance and how ties with Russia can be improved, French president said...Голос Америки

Russian military launches long-range missiles on militant stronghold

Russian military launches long-range missiles on militant stronghold

The Russian military launched long-range missiles on the Jisr Al-Shughour District, resulting in a number of powerful explosions.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Polluted Streams May Yield Minerals Critical for High Tech

...streams in West Virginia may prove an unexpected source of key minerals used in modern tech from mobile phones to military hardware...Голос Америки

US Military Aid Life or Death' for Kyiv

Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea in 2014, there has been strong bipartisan support in the United States for providing military aid to Ukraine...Голос Америки

Report: Trump Aware of Whistleblower Complaint Before Releasing Ukraine Aid

The New York Times said White House lawyers told Trump weeks before he lifted the block on military money that is at the center of an impeachment investigation...Голос Америки

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