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Straight Shooter: Bangladeshi Teen Wins Archery Gold After Defying Child Marriage

Ety Khatun, 14, says that girls in the conservative country can 'achieve anything' if they overcame their fears Голос Америки

'Marriage Story' Tops Golden Globes Nominations With Six

'Marriage Story' earned nominations for its stars Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, and for its screenplay, but director Noah Baumbach missed out Голос Америки

LGBT Activists in China Seek to Change Marriage Civil Code

LGBT activists in China are seeking to legalize same-sex marriage through a novel tactic: submitting opinions on a draft new civil code to the country's legislature...Голос Америки

Concerns Grow in Nigeria About Nation's Bride Price Custom

In Nigeria, the most important marriage custom is a payment of cash that the fiancé gives to the bride's family to show how serious he is...Голос Америки

Cambodian Choreographer Promotes Healing Through Dance

That's how one Cambodian dancer is using it. Through dance, she's telling the story of forced marriage during the Khmer Rouge regime...Голос Америки

Nicki Minaj Indicates She's Now a Married Woman (2)

Rapper confirmed her marriage with a video on Instagram on Monday that shows off Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs and bride and groom hats...Голос Америки

Suit Says Feds Using Immigration Marriage Interviews as Trap(2)

Federal regulations allow US citizens like Alyse to try to legalize the status of spouses like Elmer, who has been living in the country illegally Голос Америки

Minnesota Rep. Omar Files for Divorce From Husband(2)

The freshman Democrat cited an 'irretrievable breakdown' of her marriage with Ahmed Hirsi in her filing Friday in Hennepin County District Court...Голос Америки

Indonesia raises minimum age for marriage to 19(2)

Indonesia raises minimum age for marriage to 19

Poverty, ideas of family honor, customs and religious laws are factors that could force girls into child marriages. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Венецианский кинофестиваль — 2019: самые сексуальные и стильные звезды на красной дорожке(2)

Венецианский кинофестиваль — 2019: самые сексуальные и стильные звезды на красной дорожке

Второй день 76-го Венецианского кинофестиваля ознаменовали две громкие премьеры. Еженедельник - dzd.ee

End Child Marriage 'Hell' for Indonesian Girls, Lawmaker Urges(2)

Constitutional court ruled last year to change the minimum marriage age for girls, currently at 16...Голос Америки

Tanzanian Governor's Plan for Married-Men Database Called 'Infringement' (2)

Makonda proposes database after saying women had complained to him of lovers who had pretended they were single and promised marriage but then deserted them, along with children they'd fathered...Голос Америки

Child Marriage and Arts(2)

VOA Connect Episode 83 - We look at personal stories of girls who married young and the ways music and dance are helping immigrants. Голос Америки

Child Marriage: Kathleen's Story(2)

We talk to her about her decision to marry young and the impact that choice has left on her. Reporter: Carolyn Presutti, Camera: Mike Burke; Голос Америки

Child Marriage: Ashley's Story(2)

Ashley Duncan is a stay at home mom with four boys who tied the knot at 15. Learn the role her family played to convince her to get married and how marrying at such a young age has affected her...Голос Америки

Child Marriage: An Official's View(2)

Pam Strawbridge issues marriage licenses at the a court house in Missouri, a state which has among the most lenient child marriage laws in...Голос Америки

Child Marriage: An Economist's View(2)

Quentin Wodon from the World Bank shares his insight into why people marry young and the economic cost of child marriage. Reporters: Carol Guensburg, Hayde Adams-Fitzpatrick...Голос Америки

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