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EN Обзор: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S review (Digital Trends, автор: Simon Hill)

Manufacturers have placed more emphasis on design, but the two dominant forces in the market - Apple and Samsung - are also charging a premium... Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

EN Обзор: Nokia 6.1 review (Digital Trends, автор: Steven Winkelman)

Nokia 6 (2018) It’s becoming increasingly harder to figure out what makes a budget phone cheap. Smartphone manufacturers are quick to introduce high-end flagship features in affordable phones that not only perform well, but look great too. Motorola...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

EN Обзор камеры: Asus ZenFone 5 camera review: Excellent mid-range option (DxOMark, автор: Lars Rehm)

The Asus ZenFone 5 is the Taiwanese manufacturers contribution to the upper mid-range segment of the smartphone market.Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

EN Обзор: BLUBOO S3 Review - Capable Budget Handset With A High-Capacity Battery (AndroidHeadlines, автор: Daniel Golightly)

...handset and electronics maker likely needs no introduction in other parts of the world. It also isn’t among the top manufacturers in its home country. However, the company puts an emphasis on build quality and... Читать дальше...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

В прошлом квартале поставки кремниевых пластин оказались рекордными

По подсчетам специалистов SEMI Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG), в прошлом квартале поставки кремниевых пластин достигли рекордного показателя 3,083 млн квадратных дюймов. Это на 3,6% больше по...iXBT.com - оперативные новости, обзоры и тесты смартфонов, планшетов, ноутбуков и проекторов

EN Обзор: InFocus Vision 3 Pro Review (NDTV Gadgets, автор: Aditya Shenoy)

Review ) late last year. It was just in time to grab some attention, as we saw a lot of manufacturers shifting to this new aspect ratio in 2018. The Vision 3 looked like a good phone to buy with...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

EN Обзор: Huawei P20 Pro Review (NDTV Gadgets, автор: Aditya Shenoy)

Smartphone manufacturers take flagships very seriously, primarily because these devices represent their full potential.Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

Скандал с утечкой данных: что это значит для фармы

Скандал с утечкой данных: что это значит для фармы

подписаться под этими правилами. Схожие принципы саморегулирования могут быть разработаны и ассоциациями фармацевтических компаний (в США, например, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America – PhRMA) в сфере хранения, обработки и использования персональных данных медицинских работников и пациентов. После скандала с...Adindex.ru – сайт о рекламе и маркетинге в России и мире

EN Предобзор: Meizu 15, 15 Plus, and 15 Lite hands-on review (GSMArena)

All three phones come without today's smartphone fads that all other manufacturers seem...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

Hannover Messe 2018: Manufacturers put their trust in Microsoft's Industrial IoT platform

The post Hannover Messe 2018: Manufacturers put their trust in Microsoft’s Industrial IoT platform appeared first on Stories.News Center | News, perspectives and press materials from Microsoft on news and events affecting the company and the tec

EN Обзор: Nokia 8 Sirocco Review (NDTV Gadgets, автор: Roydon Cerejo)

...and major Android version updates for two years. This in itself is a big deal, considering how most Android smartphone manufacturers... Читать дальше...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

EN Обзор: Alcatel Pop4 Tablet Review (NDTV Gadgets, автор: Aditya Shenoy)

...slowly becoming stagnant. With each passing year, we have seen a dip in the number of product launches, with most manufacturers closing the doors on this product category completely. On the other hand, Apple has been selling its iPads for...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

Food exports has raised by more than 20%

...indirect measures of support. According to him, it can be assistance to companies in certification of domestic products abroad, sponsoring manufacturers to participate in international exhibitions. Manufacturers can also be provided free research on foreign markets. The Director of the...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Индия достигнет 60 ГВт ветроэнергетики раньше запланированного времени

RusEnergy. 04.04.2018. По сообщениям индийской прессы, которая ссылается на местную Ассоциацию производителей ветряных турбин Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA), установленная мощность ветроэнергетики страны достигнет 60 ГВт раньше установленного срока (2022 год). Текущие темпы развития таковы, что в...RusEnergy

"Almadk" LLP presented its products at ArmHiTec-2018 arms exhibition  in Yerevan(2)

...gas masks M-2, M-3, B2G are being assembled, non-lethal tear grenades. An agreement has been concluded with the French partner manufacturers to assemble various grenades with shock elements. The production and production of signal mines and 30 mm signal cartridges...Arminfo: Главная

EN Обзор: Vivo V9 Review (NDTV Gadgets, автор: Aditya Shenoy)(4)

There is no denying that some smartphone manufacturers like to take inspiration from Apple 's designs.Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

60% of milk powder is supplied to Nestle enterprises by Russian plants(2)

As it was reported in the press service of Nestle, milk powder to the enterprises is supplied mainly by Russian manufacturers – their share is 60%. At the same time, the company imports 30% of milk powder from Belarus and...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Indian company Larsen&Toubro presented its products at ArmHiTec-2018(2)

Republic of Armenia, the CJSC "Yerevan Math Machine Plant" ("ErMMP") and the CJSC "Association of Exhibition Companies". More than 30 manufacturers from 14 countries will demonstrate their products at the exhibition, including Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, India, China,...Arminfo: Главная

EN Предобзор: Oppo F7 First Impressions (NDTV Gadgets, автор: Roydon Cerejo)(2)

2018, then be prepared to embrace the ‘notch’. In the quest for using up maximum amount of screen space, Android manufacturers have begun implementing variations of Apple’s display cut-out of the iPhone X ( Review ). This doesn’t seem to...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

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