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Malaysia's 94-year-old PM Tenders His Resignation

The king has to decide whether a political group has the parliamentary majority or to call snap election...Голос Америки

Thai Court Dissolves Pro-Democracy Opposition Party

The decision is expected to boost the pro-military government's edge in the national assembly, where it has been struggling with a meager majority Голос Америки

Macron to curb Turkish imams in France to combat "separatism"

Macron to curb Turkish imams in France to combat "separatism"

Four majority-Muslim countries were involved in the programme, which reaches about 80,000 students every year.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Trump Betting on Economy to Win Re-election

Good news for President Donald Trump, recent polling suggests a majority of Americans say they are better off than they were when Trump took office. The president is betting that rosy...Голос Америки

Bangladesh - Home to Massive Refugee Settlement - Guards Against Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has killed more than 1,100 people worldwide, the vast majority of which are in China. So, countries around the world are being cautious by testing incoming traffic through their ports.Голос Америки

Businessman Harry Shonia bought the plant "Modest" from Altai region

...spring of 2019. Then the regional deputies, who officially cannot influence the privatization process, still opposed the sale by a majority. It was decided to take a pause in this issue. In the autumn of the same year, public opinion...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Nikol Pashinyan: The hospital of the medical police department is not in demand among employees

He noted that, despite this, the amount required to service the hospital is very impressive: 800 million AMD. "Moreover, the majority of police officers who live in Yerevan still receive medical care not in this hospital, but in other medical...Arminfo: Главная

Inside Mike Bloomberg's Big Play for Black Voters

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has been aggressively courting black voters while his rivals have been battling it out in majority-white Iowa and New Hampshire...Голос Америки

Afghan Housewives Becoming Entrepreneurs

While increasing numbers of Afghan women are taking part outside their homes, the majority are homemakers.Голос Америки

UK PM Warned of Court Battle Over Scottish Independence Vote

National Party (SNP) wants a second referendum to be held now that Britain has left the European Union, as a majority north of the border with England wanted to stay in the bloc...Голос Америки

Common Sense Goes a Long Way in Ending an Outbreak

...are saying it could lead to one. The virus has spread to more than two dozen countries, although the vast majority of cases – and deaths – have been in China. VOA’s Carol Pearson asked experts experienced on disease outbreaks...Голос Америки

Trump Acquitted of Both Charges in Articles of Impeachment(2)

The Republican-majority U.S. But as VOA's congressional correspondent Katherine Gypson reports, the investigations in the Democratic-majority U.S.Голос Америки

Mainland China Reports New Coronanvirus Deaths, Cases

As of Wednesday, at least 490 people, the majority in mainland China, have died from the coronavirus since it was first detected in December in the central Chinese city...Голос Америки

Trump Trial Reaches Conclusion With Acquittal Expected

Senators to vote on impeachment, but Republican majority strong enough to avoid president's removal from office...Голос Америки

Trump's Third Annual Address Emphasizes Domestic Achievements

...of the Union address of his presidency Tuesday, just hours ahead of the close of his impeachment trial when the Republican-majority US Senate is expected to acquit him of charges. In the annual speech informing the US Congress on upcoming...Голос Америки

Acquittal Expected as Trump Impeachment Trial Draws to a Close

US Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump draws to a close this week after months of investigation by the Democratic-majority House of Representatives. Trump is expected to be acquitted of charges he abused the power of his office and...Голос Америки

Entrance Poll: Majority of Iowa Democrats Simply Want to Defeat Trump

Six in 10 caucusgoers said they were looking for a Democratic nominee who they think can beat Trump, National Election Pool finds; three in 10 said they were attending the Iowa caucuses for the first time, Голос Америки

Studies may be spent away from by a number of hours a day the students' majority.

Studies may be spent away from by a number of hours a day the students’ majority. Pupils are continuously searching for valid, trustworthy and genuine sort of composing providers who produce non plagiarized, significant quality professional...Droider - всё об Android. Программы Android | Новости Android | Игры для Android | Google An

Global Spread of Coronavirus: Where Is It?

Vast majority of cases and fatalities are still in China...Голос Америки

Republicans Defeat Call for Witnesses in Trump Trial

The Republican-majority U.S. Senate defeated a Democratic attempt Friday to call new witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. The...Голос Америки

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