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Reduction in Violence Begins;

Agreement is to be signed on February 29, paving the way to ending the longest American war in history...Голос Америки

Success of Brief Afghan Truce Could End America's Longest War

Should insurgents make good on their commitments, the official said, the deal would pave the way for a broader peace agreement that US and Taliban envoys have negotiated over the past year Голос Америки

Steyer Hires Longest-Serving SC House Lawmaker as Adviser

Gilda Cobb-Hunter has signed on as a senior national adviser Голос Америки

Delaney, Longest-Running Democratic Candidate, Ends 2020 Bid

The former Maryland congressman has been running for president since July 2017, though Delaney's early start did little to give him an advantage in the race or raise his name recognition with Democratic primary voters Голос Америки

India Restores Some Internet in Kashmir After Nearly Six Months

The shutdown was the longest-ever in a democracy...Голос Америки

US Astronaut Sets Record for Longest Spaceflight by a Woman(2)

She broke the record set by former space station commander Peggy Whitson in 2016-2017 Голос Америки

Longest UN Climate Talks End with No Deal on Carbon Markets(2)

Marathon international climate talks close with negotiators postponing until next year a key decision on global carbon markets Голос Америки

Millions of Afghans Displaced After More Than Four Decades of War(2)

Afghans represent the longest displaced and the longest dispossessed population in the world...Голос Америки

2,887 Days: Abe Becomes Japan's Longest-Serving Premier(2)

The record was previously set by Taro Katsura, a revered politician who served three times between 1901 and 1913 Голос Америки

John Conyers, Longest Serving Black Congressman, Dies at 90(2)

Conyers, among the high-profile politicians topped by sex harassment allegations in 2017, died at his home on Sunday, said Detroit police spokesman Cpl. Голос Америки

Tight US Labor Market Shrinks Gender, Race Gaps to Record Lows(2)

Other parts of a report released by the Labor Department showed that the longest economic expansion on record is leading to improvements for workers who are often left on the sidelines...Голос Америки

Taliban Attack Second Afghan City in as Many Days(2)

The US envoy says a deal is near on ending longest US war...Голос Америки

Taliban Launch 'Massive Attack' on Afghan City of Kunduz(2)

Offensive comes even as the insurgent group continued negotiations with the US on ending America's longest war...Голос Америки

Сюжетный трейлер Draugen

Сюжетный трейлер Draugen

Компания Red Thread Games, которая занималась разработкой квеста Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, опубликовала сюжетный трейлер своего нового психологического приключения от первого лица Draugen...Gamer-Info.com - новинки игр, games, игровые новости, рейтинг игр ruScore

Israel claims to be home to world's longest salt cave(2)

Israel claims to be home to world

The 10km of passages and chambers inside Malham Cave, overlooking the Dead Sea, were mapped out over two years. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Shanghai houses world's longest 3D-printed concrete bridge

Shanghai houses world

The bridge may not be as beautiful as its ancient predecessor, but what it lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in technology. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

New Boeing business jet is capable of world's longest flight(2)

New Boeing business jet is capable of world

The planes will have a range of 11,645 nautical miles, enabling them to offer the longest commercial flight in the world.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

World's longest sea bridge opens in China


Including its access roads, the bridge spans 55km and connects Hong Kong to Macau and the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Armenia to be home to one of the world's longest ziplines

Armenia to be home to one of the world

The village of Yenokavan in Armenia's Tavush province will be connected with Yell Extreme Park through a new 2400-meter-long zipline...Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

World's longest sandstone cave found in India


The cave was discovered in 2016, but its actual length was found during an expedition by the Meghalaya Adventurers' Association. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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