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Turkey vows response to any Haftar attacks on its Libyan sites

Turkey vows response to any Haftar attacks on its Libyan sites

Turkey will retaliate against any attack by Libya's Khalifa Haftar on Turkish interests in the country. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Италия призвала другие государства отказаться от вмешательства во внутренние дела Ливии

Правительство Италии призвало страны, которые вовлечены в кризис в Ливии, прекратить любым способом участвовать в нем, заявило арабское издание Libyan TV.ПолитЭксперт

Libyan Minister Chides UN, International Community for Failing to Protect His Country

Libya accuses the UN and international community of not holding rebel forces accountable for forced displacement, arbitrary detention, and extra-judicial killings Голос Америки

Erdogan Criticizes EU Move to Enforce Libyan Arms Embargo

Turkey's president criticizes the European Union's decision to launch a maritime effort focused on enforcing the UN arms embargo around Libya, accusing European nations that agreed to the operation of 'interfering in the region' Голос Америки

UN Says Libyan Rival Forces Resume Talks to Save Cease-Fire

United Nations says Libya's warring sides have resumed talks in Geneva Голос Америки

UN: Impact of Long Libya War on Civilians is 'Incalculable'

The first meeting of a Libyan Political Forum aimed at forming a new government has also been scheduled for Feb 26 in Geneva...Голос Америки

Coast Guard Catches and Returns 81 Migrants off Libyan Coast

The UN refugee agency reported last week that the total number of migrants intercepted by the Libyan coast guard in the past month rose 121% from the same period last year...Голос Америки

СМИ: самолет Libyan Airlines совершил экстренную посадку в Триполи из-за неисправности (ТАСС)(2)

СМИ: самолет Libyan Airlines совершил экстренную посадку в Триполи из-за неисправности (ТАСС)

Пассажирский самолет ливийского национального авиаперевозчика Libyan Airlines совершил в понедельник экстренную посадку в аэропорту Митига в Триполи. Об этом сообщил новостной портал Libya 24...АвиаПорт.Ru – авиация и бизнес

Самолет авиакомпании Libyan Airlines вернулся в аэропорт Триполи из-за неисправности(2)

Пассажирский самолет ливийского национального авиаперевозчика Libyan Airlines вернулся в аэропорт "Митига" в Триполи из-за неисправности. Капитан самолета сообщил о серьезных технических неполадках примерно через 20 минут после взлета.Aviation EXplorer

Libyan Militant Sentenced to 19 Years for Role in Benghazi Attacks(2)

A federal judge has sentenced Mustafa al-Imam for helping to plan the 2012 attacks in Benghazi Голос Америки

UN Chief Urges International Pressure to Solidify Libyan Cease-Fire(2)

Antonio Guterres said it is imperative to get a cease-fire and move to political talks to restore peace and unity to Libya Голос Америки

Erdogan Takes Sides in Libyan Conflict Ahead of Berlin Meeting(2)

Erdogan lashes out at Libyan rebel leader General Khalifa Haftar while announcing the deployment of Turkish forces to Libya...Голос Америки

Escalating Violence in Libya Sends Migrants Fleeing for Europe(2)

But migration officials say most are picked up at sea and end up back in Libyan detention...Голос Америки

Rival Libyan Leaders to Hold Peace Talks(2)

UN, EU, Arab leaders urge both rival governments fighting for control to abide by a truce Голос Америки

Italy Tries Again to Broker Truce in Libyan Fighting(2)

While the Haftar meeting took place at the premier's palace in Rome, Serraj decided to snub Conte by travelling from Brussels directly back to Tripoli Голос Америки

Haftar's Forces Seize Key Libyan Coastal Town (2)

The Libyan National Army says Sirte fell in just hours; no comment yet from rival Western-backed government in Tripoli...Голос Америки

US Official: US Concerned as Libyan Conflict Turns Bloodier With Russian Mercenaries(2)

Rising number of reported so-called Wagner Group fighters supporting Khalifa Haftar's forces on the ground is troubling, a senior State Department official said Голос Америки

Libya activates cooperation accord with Turkey(2)

Libya activates cooperation accord with Turkey

The UN-recognised Libyan government has agreed to activate a military cooperation agreement with Turkey...Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Egypt's El-Sissi Says Militias Hold Libyan Government 'Hostage'(2)

Egyptian president says the Government of National Accord 'is not able to have a free and real will' because of the presence of 'armed and terrorist militias there' Голос Америки

Fighting Stalls After 'Final Assault' on Tripoli Fails to End War(4)

Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar has announced plans to overrun the western capital several times, but a stalemate continues in the suburbs Голос Америки

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