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Ruling Party Supporters in Malawi March Against Nullified Presidential Elections

DPP officials say the verdict demonstrated high levels of hypocrisy...Голос Америки

Displacements From Syria's Idlib Hit Record Levels

More than 830,000 displaced from Idlib since December, more than 140,000 in just the past three days, as fighting escalates Голос Америки

Pompeo Warns US Governors of Risks of Dealing With China

He tells National Association of Governors that China has assessed US vulnerabilities at all levels and is seeking to exploit America's open system for its own gain...Голос Америки

Waking up to certain alarm clock sound "can give you more energy"

Waking up to certain alarm clock sound "can give you more energy"

Participants who woke up to a melodic song had lower levels of grogginess than those who chose a beeping sound.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Report: Poorer Nations Squeeze More Out Off Limited School Budgets

What happens when educational performance is adjusted for different income levels? Голос Америки

Unhealthy Levels of Smog Choke Thai Capital for Over Week

Bangkok residents fume over the ineffectiveness of government measures to combat the problem Голос Америки

Scientists: Higher CO2 levels could adversely impact cognitive abilities(2)

Scientists: Higher CO2 levels could adversely impact cognitive abilities

Humans are now pumping CO2 into the atmosphere at such a rate that it is heating the atmosphere. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Gasping for Air, Delhi’s Residents Try Out an Oxygen Bar(2)

Pollution Levels Breached the Severe Category this Winter...Голос Америки

Australians Flee as Soaring Temperature, Winds Threaten to Fan Fires(2)

Air quality measured at 11 times recommended levels Голос Америки

Esper: US Troop Drawdowns in Afghanistan 'Not Necessarily' Tied to Taliban Deal(2)

US defense chief suggests some lowering of force levels may happen irrespective of the ongoing peace push...Голос Америки

Brussels warns France, Italy over high debt levels(2)

Brussels warns France, Italy over high debt levels

The European Commission published its opinion on the 2020 draft spending plans of all eurozone member states. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Venice 'On Its Knees' after 2nd-Worst Flood Ever Recorded(2)

...worst flooding in Venice in more than 50 years prompted calls to better protect the historic city from rising sea levels as officials calculated hundreds of millions of euros in damage...Голос Америки

Cholesterol Levels Dropping in US, but Many Still Need Care(2)

New research shows cholesterol levels are dropping in US, but more people need care...Голос Америки

Two Dead, Dozens Hurt, 100-plus Homes Lost in Australia Wildfires(4)

The fire danger in New South Wales on Friday reached levels never seen before, fire officials said...Голос Америки

Rising Sea Levels Threaten to Flood Southern Vietnam by 2100 (2)

Financial center Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta would be underwater, a Climate Central study says Голос Америки

Industrial Growth Creates Nagging Air Pollution in Vietnam(2)

Coal burning and idle vehicle engines have pushed pollution to unhealthful levels in the Southeast Asian country's major cities...Голос Америки

India's Capital Battles Record Pollution Levels(2)

Authorities in India are imposing measures to slash hazardous pollution levels Голос Америки

New Delhi Gasps as Air Pollution Hits 3-Year High(2)

Pollution levels in New Delhi hit a three-year high, forcing 37 flights to be diverted from the city's international airport due to...Голос Америки

Credit Suisse: Armenians own a total of $42 billion(2)

Credit Suisse: Armenians own a total of $42 billion

Armenian per capita wealth levels have almost doubled in 19 years, surging from $2,177 in 2000 to $19,517 in 2019.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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