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Iranian Stock Market Boom Prompts 'Bubble' Warnings

Iran's stock market has been booming for months, despite a collapse in the country's economy and a rampant coronavirus Голос Америки

US Clamps Down on Waivers Tied to Iran's Nuclear Cooperation

US says Iran 'has continued its nuclear brinkmanship' Голос Америки

Iran's Newly Elected Parliament Convenes Despite Pandemic

Iran is grappling with the deadliest outbreak in the Middle East, with more than 7,500 fatalities out of over 141,500 confirmed cases Голос Америки

Iran Pushes Burgeoning Businesses With Venezuela as a Right

Iran's ambassador to Caracas says international conventions protect the two nations' trade; bilateral relationship 'is not a danger to anyone' Голос Америки

Amnesty Demands Justice After Iran's 'Killing Spree' Against Protesters

Group says more than 300 people were killed by Iran's security forces in November...Голос Америки

U.S. to block Iran's $5 billion IMF loan to fight coronavirus

U.S. to block Iran

Officials believe Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has billions of dollars stashed away.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

U.S. extends sanction waivers on Iranian nuclear program(4)

U.S. extends sanction waivers on Iranian nuclear program

Pompeo approved the waiver extensions on March 30 but maintained that the decision restricts Iran's atomic work.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Officials։ Iran's death toll from coronavirus reaches 724(2)

Officials։ Iran

To contain the outbreak in Iran, officials have called on people to avoid unnecessary trips and stay at home. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

"Коронавирусный танец" набирает популярность в TikTok(2)

Они имеют право на радость, несмотря на мрачные обстоятельства", - пишет она в Twitter. As the #CoronaVirus outbreak has spreads, Iran's health care workers are under enormous pressure.They deserve our admiration for their hard work.They can also create joy out...Актуальные новости в любое время. Tengrinews.kz

UN Agency: Iran Nearly Triples Stockpile of Enriched Uranium(2)

The International Atomic Energy Agency said on Feb. 19, Iran's total enriched uranium stockpile amounted to 1,020.9 kilograms (1.1 tons), compared to 372.3 kilograms noted in its last report on...Голос Америки

Iran: Adviser to Supreme Leader dies from coronavirus(2)

Iran: Adviser to Supreme Leader dies from coronavirus

He has become the first top official to succumb to the disease which is affecting members of Iran's leadership.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Virus Kills Member of Council Advising Iran's Supreme Leader(2)

Death of Expediency Council member Mohammad Mirmohammadi comes as Iran announced virus has killed 66 people among 1,501 confirmed cases Голос Америки

Virus Outbreak in Iran Sickens Hundreds, Including Leaders(2)

After facing sanctions and the risk of war amid tensions with the US, Iran's Shi'ite theocracy now has an enemy in the new coronavirus that infiltrated its leadership in plain view of state-controlled media...Голос Америки

Coronavirus reaches Azerbaijan; Iran death toll climbs to 34(4)

Coronavirus reaches Azerbaijan; Iran death toll climbs to 34

Iran's Health Ministry spokesman said the new virus has killed 34 people amid 388 confirmed cases in the country. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Iranian Clerics Keep Shrines Open, Even As Virus Spreads(2)

...in Iran prompted the government to request the closure of major shrines in cities like Qom, Mashhad and Shiraz, but Iran's powerful clerics have rejected or ignored the notices...Голос Америки

Iran's Deputy Health Minister says he has coronavirus(2)


A day earlier, Harirchi had downplayed its spread in the shrine city of Qom and said mass quarantines were unnecessary. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Iran's Deadly Virus Outbreak Disrupts Daily Life, Heightens Public Anxieties(2)

Iranians' anxieties about the spread of the virus and difficulties in finding medical supplies were on display in several videos filmed Monday in Iran and sent to VOA Persian Голос Америки

Iran's Coronavirus Death Toll Reaches 8; Authorities Closing Schools, Theaters(2)

Health Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur says a total of 15 new confirmed cases had been reported across the country, bringing overall figure to 43 Голос Америки

Iran's FM Says His Meeting With US Senator Spooked Trump(2)

Mohammad Javad Zarif met last week with Sen. Голос Америки

Iran's President: Trump Doesn't Want War Ahead of 2020 Vote(2)

The Iranian leader added that war would be harmful to US interests and those of its regional allies, as well as Iran Голос Америки

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