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EU Special Representative: the process of peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict has no alternative

EU for the assistance rendered by the Madad Foundation to Syrian Armenians who found refuge in Armenia. Suggest corrective The interlocutors discussed the process of peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict and the latest developments on the contact line between...Arminfo: Главная

Ambassador of Kazakhstan: Military resolution of conflicts should be excluded in the 21st century

Group co-chairs, stressing their importance in order to avoid new human losses and in the name of regional stability. The interlocutors discussed a number of issues of mutual interest, problems of cooperation within the framework of the EEU and CSTO.Arminfo: Главная

Nalbandian in Doha: al the issued should be settled through dialogue

...letter of the President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, addressed to Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. The interlocutors discussed the process of implementation of the agreements, reached with Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani during the visit of...Arminfo: Главная

Nalbandian: Unquestioning fulfillment of Vienna and Saint Petersburg agreements is important for advancing peace process

The interlocutors also touched upon the process of implementation of the agreements reached between the heads of the two states.Arminfo: Главная

Vigen Sargsyan: Armenia and Great Britain efficiently cooperate in defense field(2)

Sargsyan also expressed assurance that these relations will further deepen and expand, the press-service of the Defense Ministry informs. The interlocutors discussed a wide range of issues of Armenian-British cooperation in defense field as well as issues of regional security.Arminfo: Главная

First president of Armenia and Japan`s Ambassador discuss upcoming parliamentary elections in Armenia (2)

...elections will be held in April 2017. The press office of the Armenian National Congress has told ArmInfo that the interlocutors also touched on the current stage of the Karabakh conflict and the Armenian-Japanese relations.Arminfo: Главная

France to implement USD 40 mln investment in Armenia(2)

France to implement USD 40 mln investment in Armenia

...is great potential for economic collaboration, and extension of French business representation in Armenia is important for its realization. The interlocutors found implementation of investment projects perspective in various economic branches, including agriculture, innovative technologies, and tourism.Banks.am - Финансовая Армения

Lithuania's Minister of National Defence: There is no alternative to peaceful settlement of Karabakh conflict

...cooperation between the two countries in defense field and the main programs, implemented within the plan of Armenia-NATO partnership. The interlocutors touched upon the current stage of negotiations between Armenia and the EU and the possibilities for cooperation within Eastern...Arminfo: Главная

President of Armenia and US Secretary of State discussed settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

The interlocutors once again have emphasized the importance of indisputable implementation of agreements reached in Vienna and Saint Petersburg.Arminfo: Главная

Nalbandian keeps informing his counterparts about Azerbaijan's aggression against Nagorno- Karabakh

...a conversation on the ongoing developments with Secretary General of International Organization of La Francophonie Michaelle Jean. Nalbandian informed his interlocutors about Azerbaijan's continuing wide scale military operations against Nagorno-Karabakh and presented the consequences of the rocket shell of civil...Arminfo: Главная

Incident of unknown shells fallen on Iran discussed at Defense Ministry

...it was noted that these actions remind a provocation and are not in the interests of the Armenian side. The interlocutors also agreed to continue meetings in order to prevent spreading of misinformation. Besides, Defense Army of Artsakh will additionally...Arminfo: Главная

Edward Nalbandian presented situation in Karabakh conflict zone to Deputy Speaker of Knesset

During the meeting the interlocutors also discussed issues of deepening Armenian-Israeli parliamentary cooperation.Arminfo: Главная

Eduard Sharmazanov: CSTO Parliamentary Assembly should condemn Baku's destructive policy on Karabakh problem

...peace process," she stressed. He said the partners within the CSTO PA should condemn the destructive policy of Azerbaijan. The interlocutors think it is unacceptable to use military ways to settle the...Arminfo: Главная

Armenia and Iran agree to launch construction of Iran-Armenia Third High-Voltage Power Transmission Line (2)

Third High-Voltage Power Transmission Line. Eshaq Jahangiri reaffirmed his intention to pay an official visit to Armenia this year. The interlocutors also discussed a number of issues related to the joint projects on development of trade and economic ties. In...Arminfo: Главная

IDEA and ADB discuss cooperation areas

IDEA and ADB discuss cooperation areas

...the bank's support. In particular, there are broad cooperation prospects in the context of the Foundation's Dilijan development program. The interlocutors highlighted the availability of Dilijan's strategic development plan as well as zoning plan, and discussed cooperation to devise the...Banks.am - Финансовая Армения

Cemil Cicek: there are those trying to deceive the world by leading them to believe that Turkey committed genocide in 1915

...part of the Armenian diaspora to force parliaments to recognize Turkey's alleged genocide against the Armenians. We convey to our interlocutors that we are ready to face our history with regards to this event -- but this issue should not...Arminfo: Главная

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