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Media: The sponsor of Yerkir Tsirani is the Russian entrepreneur Ruben Grigoryan

...of activities of the "Rucog Invest" Construction Holding are the investments in real estate in the central part of Moscow, implementation of full building cycle and the real estate management. The Holding has build many multifunctional buildings: The hotel complex...Arminfo: Главная

Ombudsman office about SAS Group operative meeting recording: it is necessary to implement the detailed study of the information

...scaring and forcing contained in the recording mentioned, which are directly related to the pressure in respect to voting right implementation. In this respect, the ombudsman considers important the Statement of Armeina Prosecutor general office reading that the recording is...Arminfo: Главная

NATO and Armenia approved (Individual Partnership Actions Plan) for 2017-2019

...is aimed at supporting reforms in Armenia's defence and security sectors, as well as developing interoperability of Armenian peacekeeping forces. Implementation of IPAP facilitates continuous development of the political dialogue between NATO and Armenia, expansion and strengthening of democratic and...Arminfo: Главная

Основные темы Глобального форума составителей отчетности (GPF)

можно сказать, во внимание принял. Вот такие темы обсуждались по ходу заседания: Общий обзор текущей деятельности. Здесь обговорили общую важность “post-implementation reviews” – анализа практики действующих стандартов в целом и, в частности, грядущего анализа практики IFRS 13 “Измерение справедливой стоимости”,...GAAP.RU теория и практика финансового учета

Karen Karapetyan about his retirement from "Gazprom": I have a wish to become a reformer for all Armenians

...support the restoration of our country. When the President signed the decree onmy appointment as prime minister, he noted the implementation of political reforms. I had responsibility for changes in the states. I understand this way: reform is first of...Arminfo: Главная

Ministry of Defense describes the masses of military servicemen at polling stations with technical reasons

...recorded cases of violations are of exclusively technical character and are not of any obstacles of military servicemen voting rights implementation evidences.Arminfo: Главная

In the near future there will be formed a "road map" for the implementation of electronic veterinary certification (EVC)

...year to year and are not introduced. It is known that the participants of the meeting discussed the schedule of implementation of the stages of the introduction EVC in pilot projects and agreed to submit agreed positions to the Department.Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Representatives of different European parties arrived in Armenia to express solidarity to Tsaroukyan bloc in parliamentary elections

...bloc European Parliamentaries assured that they have learned the pre electoral campaign of the political force and think that its implementation will become a serious motivation for development of Armenia. To note, European guests tend to visit Armenian-Turkish border to...Arminfo: Главная

Charpentier: France stands for implementation of every measure to reduce the tense at Karabakh conflict zone

...peace talks, French Ambassador to Armenia Jan-Francois Charpentier stated during the press-conference in Yerevan on March 14. "We stand for implementation of every measure aimed at reduction of tense in the conflict zone and decreasing violence. France has expressed its...Arminfo: Главная

On interstate EurAsEC countries competition Beeline was awarded "Gold Award"

...interstate EurAsEC countries competition Beeline was awarded "Gold Award" for the important role and active participation in the works on implementation of international standards. The press service of the company told ArmInfo that the summarizing the results of the competition...Arminfo: Главная

Vladimir Kazimirov: Baku failed to implement and observe the UN Security Council resolutions of 1993, denying the key requirement of those which is the immediate return to cease fire.

Russian team leader states. "The official Baku has not observed any requirement or claim of those resolutions and disturbed those implementation with denying the main requirement of those - to cease the fire, the combat actions and bellicose acts immediately.Arminfo: Главная

Kiev is Quickly Deciding How to Respond to Results of Donbass Blockade

Kiev is Quickly Deciding How to Respond to Results of Donbass Blockade

Meanwhile, Kiev has finally found the words to respond to the implementation of external management on the Ukrainian enterprises in the Donbass Republics. The words are quite predictable. The authorities are again...Вести.Ru: новости, видео и фото дня

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov participates in XIII Summit of Heads of States of Economic Cooperation Organization member-countries in Islamabad

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the establishment within the framework of the Economic Cooperation Organization energy and transport-transit corridors encourages the implementation of other infrastructure projects. In particular, it was noted the possibility next to pipelines being built to lay new...Arminfo: Главная

A member of "Prosperous Armenia" is stabbed

...in Aragatsotn area where the candidate from the Republican Party Bazmaser Araqelyan beat ARF member of "Dashnaktsutiun". To recall, the implementation of cameras in all polling stations is fixed in the new Electoral Code which was adopted through agreement achieved...Arminfo: Главная

Armenian Prosecutor General`s Office is taking steps to change  procedures in classification in international wanted list in CIS(2)

...wanted and in respect of which a criminal case is opened on the ground of their visits to Artsakh and implementation of the observation mission during constitutional referendum in NKR. On this ground, the General Prosecutor of Armenia takes...Arminfo: Главная

U.S. remains committed to building Ukraine’s defense capabilities(2)

U.S. remains committed to building Ukraine’s defense capabilities

According to the Pentagon, Ukraine reaffirmed its commitment to the implementation of the Minsk peace deal during the meeting.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Armenian Health Ministry: Electronic Health Care system does not  assume implementation of new mechanisms of funding (2)

The system will allow to rule out useless researches, and to control implementation of government secured treatment.Arminfo: Главная

Charpentier: We hope that the parliamentary elections in Armenia will  be conducted at best possible(2)

International Community will be fixed on the processes of the last Sunday of April", noted the Diplomat. Speaking about the implementation of cameras at polling stations in Armenia, the Diplomat expressed confidence that that step has a purpose of increasing...Arminfo: Главная

Forecast: the rehabilitation of Abkhazian railway transit will  essentially mitigate Turkish-Azerbaijani blockade of Armenia(2)

...to open the new transit corridor through Georgia, accentuating that not only Russia and Georgia are interested in 2011 Agreements implementation, but Armenia as well. "Finding of mutually acceptable solutions, of course, will be profitable for all the stakeholders, because...Arminfo: Главная

Russia, Turkey, Iran talk Syria ceasefire implementation(2)

Russia, Turkey, Iran talk Syria ceasefire implementation

"This is about creating a mechanism to control the implementation of the ceasefire," a ministry spokesman was quoted as saying.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

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