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Pavel Manukyan's lawyer: Appeal Court of Armenia has once again made political decision

...his legs with the signs of gun wounds. "He is deeply insulted of how he has been treated by law enforcers. He was wounded two days after he had reached agreement with high-ranking officials. Negotiations were held on high level...Arminfo: Главная

Prosecutor General's Office of Armenia disputes Court's decision to release Russian programmer Sergey Mironov

...at Zvartnots international airport in Armenia. The reports about his detention came on August 27 evening. According to the Armenian law-enforcers, he is on the international wanted list upon the U.S. request since May 11 2016. Mironov faces charges based...Arminfo: Главная

Russian Embassy in Armenia confirms that a dead body has been found in embassy building

...received an alarm from the Russian Embassy. The emergency doctors found a man's dead body in the bathroom. The law enforcers of the Center administrative district arrived at the scene. The forensic medical examination found no traces of violence on...Arminfo: Главная

Zhirayr Sefilyan and Gagik Yeghiazaryan will remain under arrest: Appeal Court dismissed appeal on changing measure of their restraint (2)

...of Daredevils of Sasoun group Gagik Yeghiazaryan, who participated in seizure of police compound on July 17, surrendered to law enforcers. Charges were pressed against him on July 29 under Article 29 Part 1.3 (seizure of buildings) and Article 235-part...Arminfo: Главная

Armenian court denies motion on arrest of Russian citizen wanted by USA(2)

...to Armenia's Police the US law enforcement bodies listed Mironov in international wanted list on May 11, 2016. US law enforcers accuse Mironov in money laundering and illigel transfer of arms. According to Russian mass media law enforcement bodies of...Arminfo: Главная

Adviser of Nagorny Karabakh's Permanent Representation in Armenia says Sasna Tsrer group has Plan B(2)

...used the heavy social-economic situation in the country to make it true," Isagulyan said. He praised the actions of the law-enforcers and what he called enviable cold-bloodedness and patience of the country's leadership. "Sasna Tsrer figured out everything in advance:...Arminfo: Главная

Lawmaker Tevan Poghosyan urges law-enforcers to release Martirosyan, Khurshudyan and Sanasaryan, because they will defend law-enforcers' infringed rights tomorrow (2)

Tevan Poghosyan, Armenian lawmaker from Heritage Party, has addressed an open letter to the law-enforcers over the arrest of Heritage Party members Armen Martirosyan, Hovsep Khurshudyan and David Sanasaryan. In his letter, Poghosyan demands immediately...Arminfo: Главная

Barev Yerevan demands resignation of Levon Yeranosyan (2)

...in the Elders' Council of Yerevan demands resignation of Deputy Chief of Armenian Police Levon Yeranosyan. Along with other high-ranking law-enforcers, Levon Yeranosyan is responsible for the police's acts of violence against the demonstrators on July 17-31. "Instead of being...Arminfo: Главная

Sargis Martirosyan appointed chief of Yerevan Police (2)

...be considered in the context of the official investigation initiated by Armenian Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan over the facts of law-enforcers' violence against the demonstrators and journalists in Yerevan on July 17-31.Arminfo: Главная

Special Investigative Service institutes a criminal case over police' use of violence against demonstrators and journalists in Yerevan on July 20-30 (2)

The Special Investigative Service has instituted a criminal case over the facts of police's use of violence against demonstrators and journalists in Yerevan on July 20-30. The Special Investigative Service says that the police exceeded authority "in the prejudice of...Arminfo: Главная

NGO urges Armenian health minister to provide those injured by law enforcers with free medical assistance (2)

...proper examination. In addition, the organization urges the health ministry to provide the citizens injured as a result of law- enforcers' actions with free medical assistance. The NGO also stresses the need to provide psychological support to the citizens to...Arminfo: Главная

Police of Armenia initiates investigation of violence cases against journalists and activists (2)

...who provoked the clashes between the police and the demonstrators and the persons who used violence against journalists and law- enforcers. To note, according to media reports, Vladimir Gasparyan has already conducted some personnel reshuffle in the police. In particular,...Arminfo: Главная

Forecast: Major battles of Armenian people are yet to come (2)

...sure that in the near future when the Armenian people will be fighting its major battles, the people and the law-enforcers will find themselves on the one side of the barricades. Melikyan urged the authorities to set free the arrested...Arminfo: Главная

Albert Baghdasaryan: There is information that law enforcers have launched operation for neutralizing Daredevils of Sasoun(2)

There is information that law enforcers have launched operation for neutralizing Daredevils of Sasoun, member of Anti-Crisis initiative Albert Baghdasaryan has stated during the protest that...Arminfo: Главная

Gunshots are heard and impact munitions used near seized Police station (2)

...set deadline (5:00pm on July 30) for the armed group "Daredevils of Sasoun" to surrender; otherwise, it warned that the law-enforcers will be shooting at sight to render the group harmless. Meanwhile, thousands of citizens have gathered for a peaceful...Arminfo: Главная

Armenian Police make statement: Leaders of protest action of July 29-30 resorted to sabotage and attacks (2)

...activists to break into the territory of the seized Police Patrol Service Regiment and take the weapons kept there, the law-enforcers had to use special means for preventive purposes. The protesters were warned beforehand," the Police said. Official investigation has...Arminfo: Главная

Armenia's political forces and NGOs have already condemned last night's events in Yerevan (2)

...people and mass media representatives. It also condemned the actions of plain-clothed instigators, who received direct instructions from the law enforcers. "Armenian authorities bear the responsibility for the escalation of the situation in the country, which will have impact on...Arminfo: Главная

Armenian NSS informs about detecting new supporters of "Daredevils of Sasoun" group(2)

NSS once again urges the citizens not to give in to provocations of separate persons, not to hinder the law enforcers to conduct their official duties and not to put their own life and health under threat. We remind and...Arminfo: Главная

Armenian Police: Two other members of Daredevils of Sasoun are wounded in firefight on the territory of the seized building (2)

"Despite the law enforcers' demand, armed people who are on the territory of the seized building of the Police Patrol Service Regiment continued shooting.Arminfo: Главная

Armenia's Police: Firefighting occurred on territory of Police Patrol Service Regiment-Araik Khandoyan is wounded (2)

Violating the law enforcers' demand the armed group made gunshots on the territory of the building of the Police Patrol Service Regiment seized on...Arminfo: Главная

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