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Pompeo: US to Respond if Russia, Others Interferes in 2020 Election

'Meddling in our elections is unacceptable,' Pompeo told reporters at a news conference. Голос Америки

US Wants Afghan President to Postpone Planned Inauguration, Sources Say(2)

Ghani claimed victory last week in a disputed Sept. 28 election and plans to take the oath of office on Thursday, an Afghan official says...Голос Америки

Malaysia's 94-year-old PM Tenders His Resignation

The king has to decide whether a political group has the parliamentary majority or to call snap election Голос Америки

Togo President Gnassingbe Wins re-election in Landslide: Preliminary Results

Gnassingbe is extending his 15-year rule and a family dynasty that began when his father took power in a 1967 coup Голос Америки

US National Security Adviser Calls Russian Election Meddling a 'Non-Story'

Robert O'Brien says he has not seen any intelligence that Russia is working to reelect Trump, despite National Security briefing to the contrary on Capitol Hill Голос Америки

US National Security Adviser: Russian Election Meddling a 'Non-story'

But Robert O'Brien acknowledges he has not sought out intelligence reports claiming Moscow interference Голос Америки

Hard-Liners Expected to Win Iranian Elections

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized the election as a 'sham' and a vote that 'is not free or fair'...Голос Америки

Iranian Leaders React After Apparent Popular Boycott of Parliamentary Election

Observers say turnout was extremely low while officials are said to be promoting inflated vote counts Голос Америки

Sanders Condemns Any Russian Influence in Election

Washington Post says US officials told Vermont senator that Russia was trying to help his campaign Голос Америки

Somali President Signs Historic Election Bill Into Law

New law allows Somalis to cast direct votes in presidential, parliamentary elections for first time Голос Америки

Iran State Media Claim Large Tournout in Parliamentary Election

At the same time, citizen journalists on social media record dozens of apparently empty polling stations Голос Америки

Iran Votes in Parliament Elections That Favor Conservatives

The election comes at a time of growing economic hardship for many in Iran...Голос Америки

A Politically Liberated Trump Consolidates Power Towards Re-election

Post acquittal, the president targets those who stood against him during the impeachment process, rewards allies and bulks up his administration with loyalists Голос Америки

Rouhani Says Trump Will Never Start War in an Election Year

Iranian president says Trump thinks a war would 'ruin' his reelection chances Голос Америки

Early Voting Begins in Nevada in Democrats' Search for Presidential Candidate

Nevada becomes third state to cast votes for the person who will represent the Democratic Party in November's election against President Trump...Голос Америки

Early US Democratic Presidential Caucus Voting Starts in Nevada

Bernie Sanders could win again, pre-election polls show...Голос Америки

Pelosi, Trump Battle Out 2020 Election Year

Even if they can't impeach him again, lawmakers have pledged to continue investing the president Голос Америки

Trump Betting on Economy to Win Re-election

...they were when Trump took office. The president is betting that rosy economic indicators will pave the way to his re-election in November. White House Correspondent Patsy Widakuswara has this story.Голос Америки

Stung By 2016 Election Outcome, Pollsters Tweak Their Techniques for 2020(2)

University Law School Poll, says pollsters who gathered information about voter sentiment in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election and got it wrong, should adjust to get it right in 2020...Голос Америки

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