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VIA Labs VL820 - первый контроллер концентратора USB 3.1 Gen 2, сертифицированный USB-IF

полностью совместимы с предыдущими поколениями USB. Контроллер спроектирован в расчете на использование USB-C, поэтому в него встроен блок USB Billboard Device для приложений, использующих режим Alternate Mode, например, периферийных устройств с поддержкой Thunderbolt 3, или адаптеров, обеспечивающих подключение мониторов с...iXBT.com - оперативные новости, обзоры и тесты смартфонов, планшетов, ноутбуков и проекторов

Обход белых списков приложений при помощи BGInfo

В январе я обнаружил, что утилиту BGINFO.exe (старого и доброго друга системных администраторов) можно использовать для обхода AppLocker и Device Guard.SecurityLab.ru

EN Обзор: Moto Z2 Play review (Android Authority, автор: Lanh Nguyen)

Lenovo and Motorola brought their modular functionality concept to the mid-range with the Moto Z Play last year. This device was one of our favorite value smartphones of 2016, and now its successor, the Moto Z2 Play, features some...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

An iOS app can turn your device into ambient music creation studio

An iOS app can turn your device into ambient music creation studio

The developer wants to encourage you to experiment with sounds, musical and otherwise, including weird noises and odd samples to create textured soundscapes. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

iPhone 8 Will Come in 4 Colors, One is New Mirror-like

Benjamin Geskin has shared a new rumor about the iPhone 8. According to the insider, the device will come in 4 colors, one of which will be a mirror-like shade. The information was shared on Twitter along...iPhoneRoot.com

Alibaba launches Tmall Genie - an Amazon Echo rival

Alibaba launches Tmall Genie - an Amazon Echo rival

The device is activated by voice commands to perform tasks, such as checking calendars, searching for weather reports.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

EN Обзор: Moto E4 Review: Verizon's best cheap phone (SlashGear, автор: Chris Burns)

This week the Motorola-made Moto E4 for Verizon is on our review desk, and things are looking up. This device is one of the lowest-cost Motorola smartphones ever made, made to take the place of the Moto G as king...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

The next iPhone "scans your face instead of your finger"

The next iPhone "scans your face instead of your finger"

It reportedly unlocks your device inside of "a few hundred milliseconds," even if it's laying on flat of a table.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

iPhone 8 reportedly won't feature fingerprint sensor in display

iPhone 8 reportedly won

The report apparently doesn't clarify whether or not the fingerprint sensor will just be entirely removed or placed on the back of the device. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

EN Обзор: Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 (i5-7300U, 256 GB) Convertible Review (NotebookCheck, автор: Sebastian Jentsch)

Surface Pro seems kind of dowdy. The fanless operation we have already seen in Acer's Alpha 12, and unfortunately the device throttles noticeably. Is the only benefit left really its decent battery life? Working For Notebookcheck Are you a loyal...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

Редкая видеокарта

Как-то в компьютерном магазине: К прилавку подходит мужик лет сорока, и, показывая обрывок бумажки, просит "драйвер для видюхи". Продавщица говорит,что это "редкая видеокарта, очень редкая", но дала коробку дисков мужику, чтобы он поискал. Подходит другой продавец, и та же...BugTraq.Ru: RSN

Intel MID - функциональный концепт мобильного телефона

Дизайнер Jan Rytir представляет весьма интересный концепт, сочетающий в себе мобильный телефон и девайс, предназначенный для интернет-серфинга. Все это упаковано в весьма симпатичный корпус слайдера и дополнено кучей функциональных примочек. Начнем, к примеру, с 47-кнопочной QWERTY-клавиатуры, продолжим компактными размерами (180х80х20...PaperPage.ru - портал о мобильной технике. Каталог, новости, обзоры

Check Out New Images Showing Alleged iPhone 8 Prototype(3)

A well-known leaker Benjamin Geskin has shared several new images showing what appears to be an iPhone 8 prototype. The device depicted below is a bit different from the mockups and prototypes we have seen so far as it has...iPhoneRoot.com

EN Обзор: Review: Motorola Moto E4 for Verizon Wireless (Phone Scoop, автор: Eric M. Zeman)(2)

...that includes a fingerprint reader, a 5-inch screen, and a capable camera. If you're in the market for an everyday device that outguns the competition, the Moto E4 may be your phone. Here is Phone Scoop's... Читать дальше...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

Happy birthday: Apple's iPhone turns 10

Happy birthday: Apple

...business model for year one of the iPhone was a disaster," Tony Fadell, one of the Apple developers of the device, said.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Amazon turning every Echo device into an intercom

Amazon turning every Echo device into an intercom

The intercom feature seems pretty straightforward. You just have to name your Echo devices by room and enable the "drop-in" feature in the Alexa App.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

EN Обзор: Cube iWork 1X 2-in-1 Tablet PC review (TechRadar, автор: Desire Athow)

...or laptops, the bare minimum you should be looking for to run Windows 10 comfortably is a quad-core (or quad-thread) device with 4GB of system memory and 64GB on-board storage (eMMC is okay, but preferably SSD). Cube, a newcomer to...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

EN Обзор: OnePlus 5 review: the me-too phone (The Verge, автор: Vlad Savov)

...years of existence, OnePlus has fashioned itself as the flagship phone killer jumping out of the midrange bushes. Every OnePlus device to date has been defined by premium specs at bargain prices, but that changes with today’s OnePlus 5. Starting...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

EN Обзор: Moto Z2 Play Review (NDTV Gadgets, автор: Aditya Shenoy)

...the Z series of smartphones last year. The Moto Z ( Review ) ticked all the boxes for a flagship device, while the Moto Z Play ( Review ) was much more affordable. Along with these phones, Motorola launched a...Helpix - Мобильные телефоны, планшеты, читалки

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