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Democrats, Republicans React to Impeachment Testimony as Hearings Enter Week 2

Democrats and Republicans fight messaging battle after a week of televised impeachment hearings Голос Америки

Democrats Hold Louisiana Governor's Seat Despite Trump

Gov. John Bel Edwards will keep his job as the Deep South's only Democratic governor with a campaign focused on bipartisan, state-specific issues Голос Америки

Trump Fights Back as Democrats Home In on Impeachment

As House Democrats bring witnesses to testify in the public impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump continues to attack the witnesses and opposition Democrats.Голос Америки

Trump Fights Back as Democrats Home In on Impeachment

The president and Republicans dig in as Democrats lay out strategy to drum up support and draft articles of impeachment...Голос Америки

Two US Diplomats: Trump Wanted Ukraine Probes to Help Him Politically

U.S. President Donald Trump became the third president in modern U.S. history to face open impeachment hearings Wednesday. Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives called two key State Department witnesses to begin making the case that Trump abused...Голос Америки

'Dreamers,' Democrats Rally Behind DACA as US Top Court Mulls Program's Fate

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, launched in 2012 by Democratic former President Barack Obama, provides roughly 661,000 such immigrants with deportation protection and work permits Голос Америки

House Democrats Take Trump Impeachment Inquiry Public

House Democrats launch a new phase in the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump Wednesday with a round of public testimony from...Голос Америки

Minor Parties in US Make Gains in Local Elections

While Democrats and Republicans dominate US political headlines, scores of smaller parties dot America's landscape and, at times, have a major impact...Голос Америки

AP Sources: Deval Patrick Mulling Democratic White House Run

Potential late entry into race by former Massachusetts governor underscores some Democrats' deep uncertainty about the party's current crop of contenders...Голос Америки

Trump Renews Attacks on Impeachment Probe Targeting Him

US leader, without evidence, claims Democrats have 'doctored' transcripts of those testifying against him...Голос Америки

Trump Assails Impeachment Hearings as 'Disgraceful'

US leader complains that Democrats have blocked testimony from the unnamed whistleblower who touched off inquiry about Trump's pressuring Ukraine to open investigations to help...Голос Америки

Public Impeachment Hearings Start This Week in Washington

Democrats say the president abused power by withholding military aid to Ukraine in exchange for dirt on a political foe Голос Америки

Volatile Trump Impeachment Hearings Open Wednesday

Democrats are targeting the US leader for his alleged abuse of the presidency, while Trump says he has done nothing wrong Голос Америки

Billionaire Media Mogul Michael Bloomberg Weighs Joining Democratic Race

Bloomberg spokesman says the would-be candidate is 'increasingly concerned' current crop of Democrats may not be able to beat Trump...Голос Америки

Gun Control Advocates Tout Virginia Election Results

Pledges to reduce America's epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings helped propel Democrats to victory in Tuesday's Virginia elections, as the party won control of the mid-Atlantic state's General Assembly for the first...Голос Америки

Diplomat: Trump Wanted Zelenskiy to Say 3 Words in Public - Investigations, Biden, Clinton

Democrats release transcript of last month's testimony by deputy assistant secretary of state George Kent Голос Америки

Sanders Backs Decriminalization of Illegal Border Crossings

Candidate for Democrats' 2020 presidential nod says unauthorized presence in US should be 'civil, not a criminal, offense'...Голос Америки

Democrats See Encouraging Signs for 2020 in Tuesday's Elections(2)

Democrats are celebrating election victories in the states of Virginia and Kentucky that could possibly point to trouble for President Donald Trump and his bid for re-election Голос Америки

Trump Attacks Whistleblower Anonymity, But Won't Utter Name

President paints the anonymity of the whistleblower whose complaint triggered the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry as something sinister...Голос Америки

Mixed Results for Trump in Tuesday Elections

Republican wins Mississippi governorship, but another Republican trails in Kentucky and Democrats take control of Virginia legislature for the first time in 25 years...Голос Америки

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