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Hasanov: Azerbaijan has a system of counteraction to missile systems Iskander

...installations from missile attacks from the air," Hasanov said. Answering the question whether the signing of an agreement on military-technical cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan is planned, Hasanov noted that an interstate agreement on military-technical cooperation exists between Moscow and...Arminfo: Главная

Forecast: Tension over Karabakh will deepen Russia's military presence in Armenia and military-technical cooperation of Azerbaijan with NATO member Turkey

ArmInfo.The current round of tensions over Karabakh will further deepen Russia's military presence in Armenia and Azerbaijan's military-technical cooperation with NATO member Turkey, notes Per Anders Johansen, a columnist for the oldest Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, who recently visited Artsakh.Arminfo: Главная

Iranian Red Cross Society wishes to open clinic in Armenia

The parties also discussed prospects for cooperation in the field of medicinal products production.Arminfo: Главная

Nalbandian: Baku struck a blow at the OSCE mission in the region, refusing to join the consensus on the extension of the mandate of the Yerevan office

...a view to overcoming distrust and increasing confidence is enshrined in the birth certificate of this Organization, while dialogue and cooperation have been long identified as the instruments for achieving our common goals. We appreciate the Chairmanship's initiative to once...Arminfo: Главная

Предстоящая продажа зенитной ракетной системы Patriot Румынии

Агентство министерства обороны США по военному сотрудничеству (Defense Security Cooperation Agency DSCA) 10 июля 2017 года направило Конгрессу США уведомление о предстоящей продаже Румынии по линии межправительственных иностранных военных продаж...Информационно - новостная система "Ракетная техника"

Nalbandian: Armenia highly appreciates partnership with EU and expects resultful cooperation in the future

ArmInfo.Armenia highly values the partnership with the European Union and expects fruitful cooperation in the future. This was in Chisinau during the speech at the 9th meeting of Foreign Ministers of the countries...Arminfo: Главная

Deputy Minister of Labor for Social Affairs Ashot Markaryan resigns

...not see myself in the system of state administration or in political activity. Ryu all my colleagues for the effective cooperation ", -Markarian wrote. According to ArmInfo sources in the Ministry of Labor for Social Affairs, Markaryan had serious contradictions...Arminfo: Главная

В России появилась одиннадцатая нежелательная организация

В России появилась одиннадцатая нежелательная организация

Министерство юстиции РФ пополнило список неправительственных организаций, деятельность которых признана нежелательной. Главная актуальные материалы | Каспаров.Ru

Минюст включил румынский фонд в список нежелательных иностранных организаций

Министерство юстиции России внесло в перечень нежелательных иностранных и международных неправительственных организаций румынскую The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (Черноморский фонд регионального сотрудничества). Об этом сообщает пресс-служба ведомства. Соответствующее решение было вынесено по решению генеральной прокуроры. Ведомство заявило, что...Коммерсантъ

Первые UH-60M в Словакии

Первые UH-60M в Словакии

Первые четыре экипажа прошли обучение в США. Очередные находятся в процессе обучения. В 2017 году американское агентство DSCA (Defense Security Cooperation Agency) проинформировало Конгресс США о возможности продажи Словакии 9 легких многоцелевых вертолетов Bell 429. Они должны были быть оборудованы...Новости грузовой авиации - AirCargoNews.ru

More research and international cooperation needed in the Arctic

...changes taking place in the Arctic are a call to action for the world. We must answer with more international cooperation and more research, says Tore Hattrem, State Secretary of Norway’s Foreign Ministry. “For Norway, the High North is not...BarentsObserver

Our Arctic policy is transparent

...“Partnership should and shall shape the development of the Arctic, therefore cooperation is the starting point for our Arctic policy,” Vladimir Barbin, Senior Arctic Official and representative to the Arctic Council, said...BarentsObserver

Regional aspect important in Arctic cooperation

He underlined that cooperation with Russia should be a priority for Norway.BarentsObserver

BSTDB: Armenia's bond market is well organized

...the next issues as the underwriter ARARATBANK will again be chosen. However, as C. Best noted, BSTDB is open for cooperation with other banks functioning in Armenia. In this context, he recalled that the Black Sea Bank, within the framework...Arminfo: Главная

Babloyan: Armenia proceeds from the premise that membership in one integration community does not limit the possibility of cooperation with other integration unions

...to bring together the heads of the legislative bodies of the countries of Eurasia to discuss the development of inter-parliamentary cooperation. This was stated by the chairman of the National Assembly of Armenia Ara Babloyan on June 27 at the...Arminfo: Главная

Speaker of the Armenian Parliament called on his Azerbaijani counterpart to contribute to the peaceful resolution of the Karabakh conflict by peaceful means

ArmInfo. The development of economic cooperation between states is possible only in a secure environment, but in Eurasia there are regions in conflict and where the...Arminfo: Главная

Armenian-Greek agenda issues were discussed by Greece Deputy MFA and Armenian Parliament vice- speaker

ArmInfo.Armenian-Greek political cooperation is at high level, however, there is an unimplemented potential for activization of cooperation in other fields, Greece Deputy MFA Terens Nikolaus Quick, stated during the meeting with Armenian Parliament vice speaker Eduard Sharmazanov...Arminfo: Главная

Diplomat: India is ready to cooperate with Armenia in all spheres, including defense

ArmInfo. Armenia and India continue negotiations on cooperation in the military-technical sphere. The Ambassador of India to Armenia Yogeshwar Sangwan stated this to Radio Azatutyun. The ambassador noted...Arminfo: Главная

Страны ЕС согласовали долгосрочный план совместной обороны

в первый день брюссельского саммита обсудили вопросы укрепления европейской обороны и утвердили план развития "постоянного структурного сотрудничества" - Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) - стран ЕС в военно-политической сфере.Новости Украины и мира сегодня. Новости дня - bigmir)net

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