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Trump Threatens Trade Action to Spur NATO Contributions

The US president said a lot of countries were getting close to the goal of 2% of the Gross Domestic Product for NATO contributions Голос Америки

Умер легендарный музыкант, бас-гитарист группы The Doors

Умер легендарный музыкант, бас-гитарист группы The Doors

только в студийных записях.  Our condolences go out to the family, friends, and fans of Doug Lubahn. Doug made indelible contributions to rock and roll, and especially to The Doors. He played bass on Strange Days, Waiting for the Sun,...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

Twitter Details Political Ad Ban, Admits It's Imperfect

Twitter says its new ban on political ads will cover appeals for votes, solicitations for campaign contributions and advocacy for or against political content...Голос Америки

Microsoft scientist Dr.

The post Microsoft scientist Dr. Matthias Troyer accepts Hamburg Prize for Theoretical Physics for quantum contributions appeared first on Stories.News Center | News, perspectives and press materials from Microsoft on news and events affecting the company and the tec

Fundraiser Posts $3 million Bond on Campaign Finance Charges(2)

Zuberi is accused of soliciting donations from foreign nationals and companies and giving the money to several political campaigns, violating a federal law that forbids foreign contributions Голос Америки

RA NA Head of Staff: Armenian Parliament Should Become More Open and  Transparent to the Public of the Country(2)

...five key tasks - ensuring legislative activity of the National Assembly and representation expenses - over 6 billion drams, paying contributions to international parliamentary organizations - 183 million drams, retraining of civil servants - 1.2 billion drams, improving technical equipment...Arminfo: Главная

Charity Begins With People's Homes(2)

Churches and businesses are collaborating with faith-based organizations, making financial contributions for materials to fix homes for Veterans and the elderly.  The program also gives youths an opportunity to give back...Голос Америки

Brazil Pension Reform Awaits Ratification After Clearing Senate(2)

...reais ($197 billion) over the next decade through a range of measures like raising the retirement age and increasing workers' contributions, now awaits presidential ratification...Голос Америки

2 Plead Not Guilty of Conspiring With Giuliani Associates(2)

David Correia and Andrey Kukushkin are among four men charged with using straw donors to make illegal contributions to politicians they thought could help their political and business interests...Голос Америки

Elena Razumova: PLS reform is a double-edged sword (2)

...released the updated project of reform of Institute of the expanded responsibility of producers, having added the increase in tax contributions for the companies. According to the draft reform, companies will lose the right to manage waste independently - this...Dairy News: новости молочного рынка каждый день

Changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day Gains National Approval(2)

For many Americans, the annual Columbus Day holiday honors the heritage and contributions of the 17 million-plus Italian Americans living in the United States.Голос Америки

Nikol Pashinyan instructed the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs  to submit a strategy for the development of the sphere by the end of  the year(2)

Armenia, at which the application of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia on budgetary contributions for 2020 was discussed.Arminfo: Главная

How Giuliani Associates Bought Their Way to Top of Republican Party(2)

Two Florida-based businessmen, Ukrainian-born Lev Parnas and Belarus-born Igor Fruman, made hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to pro-Trump Republican campaigns...Голос Америки

Factbox: Who Are Giuliani Associates Charged With Trying to Influence US Elections?(2)

Four men were named in an alleged scheme to influence US politics with illegal campaign contributions Голос Америки

3 Win Nobel in Chemistry for Work on Lithium-Ion Batteries(2)

Their contributions to lithium-ion batteries have reshaped energy storage and transformed cars, mobile phones and many other devices in an increasingly portable...Голос Америки

Nobel Prize in Physics Honors Contributions to Cosmology(2)

Laureates include pair who discovered first exoplanet that orbits solar-type star Голос Америки

Покорительница Луны: открытие XX века - Маргарет Гамильтон

Покорительница Луны: открытие XX века - Маргарет Гамильтон

Augusta Ada Lovelace Award, Association for Women in Computing (1986 год). NASA Exceptional Space Act Award for scientific and technical contributions. Награда включала в себя денежную награду в 37 200 долларов – наибольшая персональная сумма награды в истории NASA (2003...Новости Украины. ТЕЛЕГРАФ - последние новости Украины и мира за по

US Prosecutors Accuse Honduran President of Drug Conspiracy

Court document says current and former presidents received campaign contributions from cocaine traffickers in exchange for protection...Голос Америки

Chile Abolishes Law Requiring State-run Copper Miner to Finance Military (2)

Codelco's contributions will be phased out over a number of years...Голос Америки

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