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The Armenian parliament in the first reading amended the Code of Criminal Procedure

...if the accused is seriously ill, or is outside Armenia, or if there is an insurmountable circumstance that prevents the continuation of criminal proceedings. Moreover, the sending of the copy of the decision by the investigator must be carried out...Arminfo: Главная

Sharmazanov: Russian voter voted for Russia in the person of Putin

...allied relations between the two countries, the duration of the joint programs that have been started. "Putin's victory means the continuation of the allied partnership between Armenia and Russia, the duration of hundreds of programs launched, the implementation of many...Arminfo: Главная

Azeri Defense Minister does not rule out a new war in Karabakh

...peaceful settlement of the conflict to ensure stability in the South Caucasus region, and stressed that the European Union supports continuation of the talks.Arminfo: Главная

Artsakh Defense Minister, presented a report on army work results in 2017(2)

2017. During this period, in the army, he said, progress was recorded in all aspects, in particular as a logical continuation of the systemic processes that began after the April war, the main line was consolidated, extensive engineering reconnaissance operations...Arminfo: Главная

Aston Martin возродил производство классического спорткара

Aston Martin возродил производство классического спорткара

Lightweight (с уменьшенным весом), однако они будут иметь модернизированную систему торможения, управления и безопасности. Оформление останется неизменным. Автомобиль получит название Continuation, он станет обладателем шестицилиндрового двигателя. Вес машины составит 1227 кг. Предположительно новых образцов будет 25 экземпляров. Компания представила ролик,...Актуальные новости - периодическое издание о событиях в мире.

Aston Martin вывела на трассу возрожденный спорткар DB4 GT 50-летней давности

Aston Martin вывела на трассу возрожденный спорткар DB4 GT 50-летней давности

Компания Aston Martin вывела на тестирования классический спорткар DB4 GT – Continuation, который был презентовал более 50 лет назад. По информации от представителей концерна, всего будет выпущено 25 автомобилей данной модели в...Интересные новости OAnews

View from Yerevan: EEU is the continuation of the CIS and geopolitical confrontation with the West

ArmInfo. The EEU is a continuation of the CIS and a geopolitical confrontation with the West. Such an opinion, speaking at the round table in Yerevan...Arminfo: Главная

Aston Martin вывел на трек возрожденный спорткар полувековой давности(2)

Компания Aston Martin показал первый прототип возрожденного классического спорткара DB4 GT — Continuation. Всего будет выпущено 25 таких автомобилей: все экземпляры построят вручную, при этом машины будут сертифицированы только для езды по гоночным...Новости Украины и мира сегодня. Новости дня - bigmir)net

Analyst: Possibility of surrendering Artsakh territories to  Azerbaijan is continuation of Russia`s general political line(2)

ArmInfo.The very possibility of surrendering a part of the Artsakh territories to Azerbaijan is undoubtedly the continuation of the general political line of Russia. The director of the Armenian Center for Strategic and National Studies Manvel Sargsyan...Arminfo: Главная

Zakaryan: Until there is a political solution to the Karabakh issue,  the Armenian armed forces must have the potential to influence the  enemy`s aggression(2)

...the last year's April war the negotiation process stalled. Zakaryan recalled that Armenia put forward two important conditions for the continuation of the negotiation process - the implementation of the agreements reached at the summits in Vienna and St. Petersburg.Arminfo: Главная

Cabinet of Ministers of Armenia presented foreign policy priorities of new government

Realization of real steps to strengthen cooperation with the CIS countries; Development of relations and cooperation with India and China; Continuation of interaction with traditional partners in the Middle East; Development of cooperation with the countries of the American continent;...Arminfo: Главная

Ambassador: Armenia-EU relations are on the right track(2)

...the same time, we are by no means going to neglect the opportunities of the "Eastern Partnership". Brussels considers the continuation of the implementation of this program as a practical and tangible goal. I think that the priorities mentioned in...Arminfo: Главная

Nalbandian: Armenia joins the calls on carrying investigation on corruption scandal in PACE(2)

...in Cyprus during the 127th meeting of the Committee of the Ministers of the Council of Europe. "We expect the continuation of the effective cooperation in this direction", he said. In this context he reminded that on April 2 in...Arminfo: Главная

OSCE Yerevan office to be closed soon(2)

The reason is the veto implemented by Azerbaijan in respect to the continuation of OSCE further mission in Yerevan.Arminfo: Главная

Как «небогатые» Ротшильды могут управлять миром?(2)

же барон Давид де Ротшильд. Совладельцами являются Лондонский и Парижский банки. Во владении находится контрольный пакет акций холдинговой швейцарской компании Continuation Holdings of Switzerland, канадских и американских банков. 2. Страховой фонд Afficus Capital Inc., которым управляет Нат Ротшильд. 3. Холдинговая...Фонд стратегической культуры

Armenia’s ruling RPA pledges greener and healthier Yerevan after elections(2)

Armenia’s ruling RPA pledges greener and healthier Yerevan after elections

This is "the continuation of the call we raised during the parliamentary elections," Ashotyan said, which urges for love towards Yerevan.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Baku: After Petersburg Summit Armenia tries to avoid any continuation  of Karabakh negotiations (2)

...military forces withdrawal will succeed at last. But, to my regrets, after the meeting mentioned, Armenia tries to avoid the continuation by all means."...Arminfo: Главная

Political expert: Armenian president`s visit to Russia was a  successful one(2)

...of the visit is stated also in joint communique of Armenian and Russian Presidents, especially by fifth provision stating the continuation of permanent military and military-technical cooperation on bilateral basis, aimed at providing international and regional security. The expression...Arminfo: Главная

The participants of “Beringia-2017” went off to the starting line in Esso(2)

The participants of “Beringia-2017” went off to the starting line in Esso

The preparations to the official start and continuation of the sled dog race “Beringia-2017” is underway in Kamchatka. Currently, the organizing committee has brought the mushers and dogs...Полуостров Камчатка

Official Yerevan asks OSCE MG to sober Baku(2)

...peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict. Continuing the failed Petersburg and Vienna agreements on creation of appropriate conditions for the continuation of the negotiation process, Baku deliberately shears the situation, and commits provocations. Once again, we draw attention of the...Arminfo: Главная

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