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Health Officials Urge Governments to Ready Coronavirus Response

China reports hundreds more cases, but infections are isolated to one area and at a slower rate...Голос Америки

European Governments Drafting 'Pandemic' Contingency Plans

European governments are readying plans for coping with a coronavirus pandemic, despite the fact that the numbers of COVID-19 cases are still small in Europe compared to Asia...Голос Америки

4 coronavirus cases confirmed in Iraq's Kirkuk

4 coronavirus cases confirmed in Iraq

The first case of the virus in Iraq was confirmed on Monday, when an Iranian student in the city of Najaf tested positive.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

China, S. Korea Report More Coronavirus Cases as Trump Seeks Response Funding

US Democrats oppose taking money from other health programs Голос Америки

Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Surpasse 200 in Italy

Unprecedented measures are taken in Italy to curb spread of coronavirus Голос Америки

Number of HIV cases increased in Armenia in 2019

According to official figures, in 2018, 429 cases were registered, and in 2019 - 438 cases, of which 135 are women.Arminfo: Главная

Afghanistan Detects 3 Suspected Coronavirus Cases Linked to Outbreak in Iran

Pakistan has shut its border with Iran where authorities have recorded 8 deaths from COVID-19 and new cases are on the rise...Голос Америки

Number of Coronavirus Cases Outside China Keeps Rising

South Korea reports its largest single-day spike in confirmed infections; Italy reports second death Голос Америки

Spike in Iran Coronavirus Cases Raises Alarm

The window of opportunity for containing the outbreak in the Islamic Republic is still there, but it is narrowing, WHO chief warns Голос Америки

Ten new coronavirus cases of Iran, one more dead

Ten new coronavirus cases of Iran, one more dead

The new numbers announced by the ministry bring the number of cases of the new coronavirus in the country to 28.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Coronavirus: Italy confirms first death;

Coronavirus: Italy confirms first death;

Italian authorities announced 15 cases of the virus in the northern region of Lombardy and two in neighbouring Veneto.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Italy Town Shuts Schools, Cafes as 6 Test Positive for Virus

The new cases represented the first infections in Italy acquired through secondary contagion and tripled the country's total to nine...Голос Америки

Jitters in South Korea as Coronavirus Cases Double for 3 Straight Days

South Korea reported 204 infections as of late Friday Голос Америки

WHO Warns Against Complacency as Coronavirus Cases Appear to Decline in China

The relatively small number of cases and deaths outside China shows the window of opportunity to contain the coronavirus outbreak remains open...Голос Америки

WHO Chief Cautiously Optimistic About Reported Drop in New Cases of Coronavirus

'We're encouraged by this trend, but this is no time for complacency,' Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in Geneva at WHO's daily briefing on the virus Голос Америки

Iran Announces 3 New Cases of Coronavirus After 2 Deaths

All schools and universities, including religious Shiite seminaries, were shut down in the holy city of Qom, according to the official IRNA news agency Голос Америки

South Korea Reports First Coronavirus Death

A surge in coronavirus cases rattles South Korea and could affect the economy...Голос Америки

China Reports Fewest New Cases of Coronavirus Patients Since January

But death toll on mainland rises to 2,118, along with at least 10 outside of China, including two passengers on cruise ship quarantined in Japan Голос Америки

China's Virus Center Vows No Patient Unchecked As Cases Fall

Wuhan, where the new form of coronavirus emerged, is on the final day of a campaign to root out anyone with symptoms whom authorities may have missed so far Голос Америки

Iran Reports First 2 Cases of New Coronavirus

ISNA quoted an official in the country's Health Ministry, Kiyanoush Jahanpour, as saying that 'some suspected cases of the new coronavirus were found' over the past two days...Голос Америки

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