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US Prepares for Second Wave of Flu as Coronavirus Fears Rise

The flu's first wave killed 14,000 Americans; health officials are to begin testing some patients with flu symptoms for coronavirus...Голос Америки

Virus Cases in China Top SARS as Evacuations Begin

Countries have began evacuating their citizens from the Chinese city hardest-hit by a new virus that has now infected more people in China...Голос Америки

Portraits of Obamas to Begin 5-City US Tour in Chicago

Kehinde Wiley's portrait of Barack Obama and Amy Sherald's portrait of Michelle Obama were unveiled in February 2018 Голос Америки

US House Democrats to Argue Trump Abused Presidency

Lawmakers begin three days of arguments that US leader is guilty of two articles of impeachment and should be removed from office...Голос Америки

Trump Impeachment Trial Ready to Begin

Senators to vote on McConnell resolution setting out timeline Голос Америки

New mountain retreat will blend into landscape in Armenia

New mountain retreat will blend into landscape in Armenia

To be situated close to an existing smart center, the project will begin construction in may 2020.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

US House Approves Managers for Trump Impeachment Trial, Sends Articles to Senate

Vote paves the way for Senate trial that may begin in earnest next week...Голос Америки

Ceremonies Begin in Ahvaz for Slain Iranian Quds Force Commander

State television broadcast live footage of the Sunday ceremonies showing black-clad marchers chanting and beating their chests in homage to Qasem Soleimani Soleimani, whose body was returned to Iran just before dawn Голос Америки

Ukraine, Russia-Backed Separatists Begin Prisoner Swap(2)

The Ukrainian side is expected to hand over 87 people, while the separatists are set to swap 55 Голос Америки

Pelosi: Timing of Impeachment Submission to Senate Depends on Rules(2)

Senate is not authorized to begin a trial until it receives the articles from the House...Голос Америки

'Let The Healing Begin,' British Prime Minister Says After Election(2)

Britain "deserves a break from wrangling, a break from politics and a permanent break from talking about Brexit," British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Friday Голос Америки

France Braces for Nationwide Strikes  (2)

The walkouts begin Thursday over government's plans to overhaul the retirement system...Голос Америки

Hong Kong Protesters Issue Demands, Begin Leaving a University(2)

Protesters partially cleared a road they had blocked and demanded the government commit to local elections Nov. Голос Америки

Schiff: Public Impeachment Hearings to Begin Next Week(2)

The Democratic-led impeachment probe is centered on whether Trump withheld $391 million in military aid to Ukraine unless it investigated one of Trump's chief 2020 Democratic political rivals Голос Америки

Trump Can Begin Steps to Pull US Out of Paris Climate Deal(2)

In the Paris agreement, nearly 200 countries set their own national targets for reducing or controlling pollution of heat-trapping gases Голос Америки

Joint Turkish-Russian Patrols Begin Along Syrian Border(2)

The patrols in northeastern Syria are part of a deal that halted Turkish offensive against the Kurds Голос Америки

Supporters Begin to Flock to New Islamic State Leader(2)

Pledges of support are being posted to social media, even as the true identity of Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi is a mystery Голос Америки

Erdogan: Turkish-Russian Patrols Set to Begin in Syria(2)

Patrols to begin after agreement between the two countries...Голос Америки

China Demands ‘Severe Punishment’ Over 39 UK Truck Deaths as Post-Mortems Begin(2)

Police have said the process of identifying those who died would take some time while autopsies were carried out to determine how exactly they died Голос Америки

US Seeking to Mediate Feud Over Nile Dam(2)

Treasury, not State, appointed by Trump to begin talks on dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia over water resources...Голос Америки

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