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CEC of Armenia distributed mandates in Yerevan Council of Elders

According to the decision of the CEC, the Republican Party of Armenia will receive 46 mandates, the bloc "Yelq" - 14, the party "Yerkir Tsirani" - 5. To recall, on May 14 elections were held in the capital's Council of...Arminfo: Главная

Ara Babloyan is elected Armenian National Assembly Speaker

88 lawmakers from 100 voting participants voted for Ara Babloyan. Arminfo: Главная

Ara Babloyan will become Armenian Parliament speaker

We have already informed that the vice speaker of the opposition will be Tsaroukyan bloc representative Miqael Melqumyan. Arminfo: Главная

Armenian President congratulated King of Norway with Constitution Day

The press service of the President reports. Arminfo: Главная

Minister of the Foreign Affairs of Armenia will visit Cyprus

ArmInfo. On 18-19 May, Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian will visit Nicosia to participate in the 127th Session of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. Arminfo: Главная

Vanadzor-Georgia road is closed from in both directions due to a rockfall

ArmInfo. A rockfall took place approximately at 12:30, at 58 km sector of Vanadzor-Georgia interstate highway. Arminfo: Главная

Police registered 9 violations during Yerevan elections

According to Police press service, all 9 messages are being examined. Arminfo: Главная

Gyumri 102nd Rusian Military base personnel still on strike

ArmInfo reporter attempts to get some detailed information failed. Arminfo: Главная

Last night, Armed Forces of Azerbaijan violated ceasefire about 40 times

As the press service of the NKR Defense Ministry told ArmInfo, the enemy made over 460 shots from small arms of various calibers in the Karabakh positions. Arminfo: Главная

Investigations Committee: a criminal case raised in respect to Karen Avetisyan death fact

According to the information shared with ArmInfo at the press office of Investigation Committee Karapetyan himself made a deadly gunshot at his chin. Arminfo: Главная

Armenia won gold at European Weightlifting Championships

20-year-old athlete showed a result of 414 kg, becoming the champion of Europe. Arminfo: Главная

Armenian CEC published data from 211 polling stations: RPA strengthens its positions

According to data form 10% of polling stations published by CEC, RPA has taken at 32336 or 58,36% the second place is taken by Tsaroukyan bloc - 12626 or 22,79%, Dashnaktsutyun - 4659 or 8,41 %, Yelq - 2220 votes...Arminfo: Главная

According to the central staff office of RPA, the Party leads with 48,16%.

This is written at the FB page of Armen Ashotyan, the vice chairman of RPA. Arminfo: Главная

ArmInfo received signals on bribery giving by Tsarukyan Bloc

Tsarukyan works the same way in Yerevan's administrative quarter Shangavit as well. Arminfo: Главная

As of 17:00, Armenian Police received 84 reports of violations

As the press service of the Armenian Police told ArmInfo, 9 were sent for preliminary investigation, on 23 are preparing materials, 52 are in the verification phase, the Armenian Police said, while 28 reports from Yerevan, 7 from Kotayk region,...Arminfo: Главная

The first session of last 4-days conference of 5th Convocation  Armenian  Parliament failed due to the absence of quorum (2)

If until 15:00 PM the quorum will not be secured, today session will not take place. Arminfo: Главная

Edward Nalbandian will visit New York on March 16. (2)

Meeting of Edward Nalbandian with the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is scheduled. Arminfo: Главная

Voters number in Armenian register decreased  to 490 people.(2)

According to data of RA Police Department, as of March 13 total number of voters included in the register is 2.564.244, 1249 of which on whereabouts, and 20 is th number of voters without a permanent residence registration. Arminfo: Главная

Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations: Some roads in Armenia are  close  (2)

The Emergency Situations Department of the Georgian Interior Ministry reports that the Stepantsminda-Lars road is open for all kinds of vehicles. Arminfo: Главная

Contract serviceman receives a deadly wound at one of NKR Defense  Army military units (2)

The press office of the NKR Defense Army has told ArmInfo that the circumstances are being investigated. Arminfo: Главная

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