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Armenian community of St.

...with Artsakh, recalled the heroes of the Artsikh War, honored the memory of the fallen young wars, with the next aggression of Azerbaijan in April last year. During the event films and video materials were shown.Let's remind that these days...Arminfo: Главная

Zakaryan: Until there is a political solution to the Karabakh issue, the Armenian armed forces must have the potential to influence the enemy's aggression

...as long as there is no political solution to the Karabakh issue, we must have the capacity to influence the aggression of the enemy, "the official said. At the same time, he added that Armenia is pursuing a fairly wise...Arminfo: Главная

Sharmazanov in practice ruled out resumption of large-scale military operations at the zone of Karabakh conflict

...will be resolved, in the global sense there are no guarantees that Azerbaijan and Turkey will not foment a new aggression, as they do not digest the presence of Armenians in the region with panic, which is constantly being...Arminfo: Главная

EuFoA and the European Parliament deputies urge the international community to curb the aggression of Baku

...terrorist organizations, "the statement says. At the same time, European MPs call on the international community to curb the military aggression of Azerbaijan, and confirm the conviction that the Karabakh conflict should be settled peacefully on the basis of the...Arminfo: Главная

Stepanakert: peaceful population on both sides of the border has become a hostage to the policy of Azerbaijani authorities

4 this year, Azerbaijani side undertook another provocation, firing at the territory of Artsakh. For the first time since April aggression in 2016, the armed forces of Azerbaijan used the multiple launch system TR-107. The fire came from the positions...Arminfo: Главная

ANCC called Canadian Government to condemn latest aggression of  Azerbaijan towards Artsakh(2)

ANCC president, Shahen Mirakian said "We strongly urge you to support the peace process by immediately condemning this act of aggression by the Aliyev regime and making it clear that Azerbaijan will be held to account for any further violence."...Arminfo: Главная

Russian government approved agreement on a joint grouping of troops  with Armenia(2)

...security of the parties in the Caucasus region for collective security" capable of ensuring "adequate response to an armed attack (aggression), as well as to other challenges and threats to the security of the parties." The Defense Ministries of both...Arminfo: Главная

Lahue: Georgia`s accession to NATO does not mean the enlargement of  military presence of the alliance in the region (2)

...will already be distributed on it, which will make the Northern neighbor (Russia) to think twice to use new military aggression like it was in 2008", Lahue said. "After Georgia's accession to NATO, this threat will be neutralized, and the...Arminfo: Главная

Bruce Willis, Hayden Christensen in 1st trailer for thriller “First Kill”(2)

Bruce Willis, Hayden Christensen in 1st trailer for thriller “First Kill”

"First Kill" is directed by Steven C. Miller, who previously helmed "The Aggression Scale", "Silent Night" and "Submerged".Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Expert: Armenia has an opportunity to put Azerbaijan under charges  instead of itself(2)

Stepanakert from the tripartite process mentioned. Meanwhile, in all four UN resolutions Baku likes to refer much, there is no aggression charges addressed to Armenia. Those contained only calls to Yerevan to affect Karabakh, " Melikyan summarized.Arminfo: Главная

Karen Mirzoyan: The people of Artsakh defined and will define the  status of Artsakh (2)

...status of Artsakh. Artsakh Foreign Minister Karen Mirzoyan stated in an interview with CNN Greece. He noted that the April aggression of Azerbaijan against Artsakh once again demonstrated the need for urgent implementation of agreements on the establishment of mechanisms...Arminfo: Главная

It has been a year since Azerbaijan’s April aggression.(2)

That forgery of Baku exposes the failure of the policy of Azerbaijan. Arminfo: Главная

Stepanakert: Baku threats to apply  military force remains the main  reason of tension in the region (2)

...in April 2016. The Minister accentuated that it is only thanks to respond actions of Artsakh Defense army that the aggression could be stopped and Azerbaijan was maid to observe the cease fire. " This shows how important is Artsakh...Arminfo: Главная

Steel Division: Normandy 44 - Новый проект от создателей RTS Act of Aggression(2)

свою новую стратегию в реальном времени Steel Division: Normandy 44. Известным проектом данной студии является другая RTS - Act of Aggression, вышедшая в 2015 году.Как понятно из названия анонсированной игры, события Steel Division: Normandy 44 перенесут игроков в Нормандию далекого...Новости компьютерных игр: свежие игровые новости, обзоры, видео, п

Artsakh`s Defense Minister presented to Andrzej Kasprzyk irrefutable  evidence of Azerbaijani aggression  (4)

Defense Army Commander Levon Mnacakanyan presented to Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman Andrzej Kasprzyk the irrefutable evidence of Azerbaijani aggression. As the Artsakh Defense Ministry reports, Mnacakanyan presented to the guest the aim of the last impulses on south...Arminfo: Главная

Forecast: Escalation around Karabakh is a force-majeure situation  able to affect elections in Armenia(2)

...and Artsakh troops, Baku may perceive the domestic political processes in Armenia as an appropriate moment for resuming the armed aggression against Artsakh people. At that, ruling out the force-majeure, I can say that the pre-electoral campaign and the election...Arminfo: Главная

Google’s DeepMind uses games to test AI aggression and cooperation(2)

Google’s DeepMind uses games to test AI aggression and cooperation

Google's AI division in London has been concerned with one aspect in particular: what happens when two or more AI have similar or conflicting goals. Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Ukraine Tries to Play Victim of Aggression(2)

...is actually a show for Western observers, in which Ukraine is trying to play the role of a victim of aggression. Our correspondent Alexander Balitsky reporting on Kiev’s scenario. Ukrainian hot-heads are so obsessed with the idea of taking Donbass...Вести.Ru: новости, видео и фото дня

Paladins - Патч 42. Начинаем играть за Torvald'а(2)

очередь была добавлена переделанная карта Ice Mines. Также внесены правки в такие тестовые карты, как District, Atrium и Undercity. Предмет Aggression наконец-то был убран из игры. И снизилась стоимость на Life Rip и Rejuvenate. Увеличился радиус взрыва от обычных бомб...Новости компьютерных игр: свежие игровые новости, обзоры, видео, п

Paladins - Патч 42 добавит в игру Torvald'а и PvE-режим(2)

для Viktor'a – Code Green, и облик для оружия Pip’а, связанный с Китайским Новым годом. Временно удален такой предмет, как Aggression. И снижена цена на Life Rip и Rejuvenate. Mal'Damba больше не может держать противника в бесконечном стане (эффект ошеломления).Новости компьютерных игр: свежие игровые новости, обзоры, видео, п

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