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Russian MP: Exchange of strikes absolutely will not solve anything, but will only deepen the Karabakh problem

...of the work of the OSCE Minsk Group, co-chaired by Russia along with the United States and France. In the afternoon of July 7, the representatives of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry informed that the armed forces of the republic had...Arminfo: Главная

MES warns: on July 7 from 11:00 to 15:00 it is desirable to avoid direct UV rays

...to direct sunlight. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in the territory of Armenia, on July 7 in the afternoon, in most regions of the country, in the evening hours, a short rain with a thunderstorm is expected, in...Arminfo: Главная

"Kidnap" action thriller trailer features Halle Berry(2)

"Kidnap" action thriller trailer features Halle Berry

A typical afternoon in the park turns into a nightmare for single mom Karla Dyson when her son suddenly disappears.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Myanmar military plane pieces found in sea(2)

Myanmar military plane pieces found in sea

Navy ships and aircraft had been searching since the afternoon when the plane lost contact with air traffic controllers.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

U.S. House set to condemn Erdogan- ordered attack on peaceful protesters(2)

U.S. House set to condemn Erdogan- ordered attack on peaceful protesters

The House is set to discuss H.Res.354 on the afternoon of June 6 with a vote on the matter scheduled after 6:30pm EST.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Tips you just read Additional Orders(2)

...for those who have time.Nevertheless, in the event you experience your head can remain slower inside first half of the afternoon, subsequently you could contemplate go through from the flush, as soon as your concentration is way better.Италия по-русски

Russia says Azerbaijan initiated recent escalation in Karabakh(2)

"On May 15 afternoon the Azerbaijani side shelled a military objective on the other side of the contact line," Maria Zakharova said.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

U.S., EU in talks on expanding laptop ban on flights(2)

U.S., EU in talks on expanding laptop ban on flights

Department of Homeland Security organized a telephone conference to take place Friday afternoon with "key European partners.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Boeing halts 737 MAX flights due to engine issue(2)

Boeing halts 737 MAX flights due to engine issue

Boeing shares fell 1.3 percent to $183.15 in afternoon trading on the New York Stock Exchange. GE shares were down 0.9 percent at $28.67.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

An active cyclone from Mediterranean is coming to Armenia(2)

An active cyclone is approaching Armenia from the Mediterranean Sea, Armhydrometcor reports. On May 2-6, at night and in the afternoon, rain is expected in most regions with a thunderstorm, in some places a hail is possible. A south-westerly wind...Arminfo: Главная

Azerbaijani military forces kept under fire Voskepar-Baghanis inter  republican highway (2)

ArmInfo. Yesterday afternoon Azerbaijani troops kept under fire the Voskepar-Baghanis inter republican highway (Tavush region of Armenia). This was written by Narek Sahakyan...Arminfo: Главная

The Disney Afternoon Collection в продаже. Первые оценки(2)

LevelUp, с максимальными 85 баллами пишет, что The Disney Afternoon Collection Читать больше...PS3hits: Сообщество PlayStation, новости, анонсы, обзоры и прохождение игр

Disney Afternoon Collection поступила в продажу(2)

Disney Afternoon Collection поступила в продажу

Компания Capcom заявила, что сборник Disney Afternoon Collection поступил в продажу. Напоминаем, что это набор сразу из 6 классических 8-битных игр. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers: Легендарная...Ferra.ru - Аналитические обзоры компьютеров и комплектующих, новости и цены компьютерного рынка

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tells disgruntled shareholders: Buy Ford(2)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tells disgruntled shareholders: Buy Ford

A defiant Musk took to Twitter on April 12 afternoon to suggest the investors buy stock in Ford Motor Co instead.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Twitter testing a bot that listens to your suggestions and complaints(2)

Twitter testing a bot that listens to your suggestions and complaints

The bot, released this afternoon, is still experimental. Twitter plans to see how people engage with it and will tweak it accordingly.Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

Трамп поблагодарил нанесшего ракетный удар по Сирии командира (2)

половине дня президент позвонил коммандеру, капитану корабля Porter, чтобы поздравить и поблагодарить за удар по Сирии, написал он.WH photo: This afternoon on AF1 @potus called Cmdr Andria Slough, @USNavy CO of USS Porter to offers congrats & thanks for #SyriaStrikes...ПОЛИТ.РУ

Бывшая "Мисс мира" стала мэром Гибралтара(20)

Бывшая "Мисс мира" стала мэром Гибралтара

истории.The investiture of #Gibraltar s new Mayor Kaiane Lopez GMH and her Deputy, John Gonçalves MBE, GMD took place this afternoon @GibraltarMayor pic.twitter.com/hBOKfoQlVj— HM Govt of Gibraltar (@GibraltarGov) 4 апреля 2017 г. В интервью The Daily Telegraph она заявила, что...НТВ.Ru // Новости, видео, передачи телеканала НТВ, онлайн-вещание НТВ, программа передач

Rolls-Royce посвятил спецсерию купе Wraith британским музыкантам(2)

Rolls-Royce посвятил спецсерию купе Wraith британским музыкантам

на дверях. Помимо этого, салон декорирован логотипами The Kniks, автографами музыканта, также имеется специальная зона с цитатами из песни Sunny Afternoon. Специальную версию Rolls-Royce Wraith сделал сын продюсера легендарной группы The Beatles Джорджа Мартина, композитор и продюсер Джайлз Мартин. Этот...Svopi.ru - Независимый информационный портал России и Белоруссии

Пасхальные Каникулы В Цюрихе(2)

закусками в виде мини-сендвичей, пшеничных лепешек, птифур, а также огромным выбором сортов чая, который будут подавать с 14:00-18:00. Предложение Eastern afternoon tea будет действовать 15-16 апреля 2017г. The Dolder Grand ждет гостей на изысканный пасхальный бранч в ресторане отеля, который...Электронная газета для турбизнеса ТУРПРОМ

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