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Police: 9 Homeless Drug Users Shot Dead in Afghan Capital

Gunmen shot dead nine homeless drug users in Kabul, officials sy, shining a light on chronic drug abuse in the world's biggest producer of opium but a rare incident of apparently coordinated violence against addicts Голос Америки

UN Chief in Pakistan to Renew Focus on Afghan Refugees

...with Pakistani leaders and to deliver a keynote address to an international conference Monday marking 40 years of hosting of Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran...Голос Америки

US: No Start Date Yet for Temporary Afghan Truce

US Pentagon chief says, 'We are... on the doorstep of a reduction-of-violence period' Голос Америки

Success of Brief Afghan Truce Could End America's Longest War

Should insurgents make good on their commitments, the official said, the deal would pave the way for a broader peace agreement that US and Taliban envoys have negotiated over the past year Голос Америки

US Confirms 'Reduction in Violence' Proposal Negotiated With Afghan Taliban

US Secretary of Defense Esper says the proposed reduction offered a basis for a political agreement Голос Америки

Afghanistan Urged to Prosecute 'Powerful' Perpetrators of Sexual Assault

The New York-based watchdog said that two recent cases highlight the Afghan authorities' failure to prosecute such cases...Голос Америки

Afghan Leaders: US-Taliban Peace Talks Making 'Notable Progress'

President Ghani tweets he received a call from US Secretary of State Pompeo, sharing with him the latest developments in the turbulent process Голос Америки

Afghan Housewives Becoming Entrepreneurs

While increasing numbers of Afghan women are taking part outside their homes, the majority are homemakers.Голос Америки

Deadly Suicide Blast Hits Afghan Capital After Relative Calm

Tuesday's violence came after around three months of a lull in such attacks in Kabul Голос Америки

UN Chief to Attend Pakistan-Hosted Meeting on Afghan Refugees

Pakistan officially hosts 1.4 million registered Afghan refugees, making it home to the one of the world's largest refugee populations...Голос Америки

Afghan 'Insider Attack' Kills 2 US Soldiers, Wounds 6 Others

The wounded US soldiers are being treated at a US facility while an investigation into the shooting continues Голос Америки

Afghan Suicide Attack Kills At Least 6 Police Officers in Helmand Province

Attacker used a military Humvee vehicle and the blast rocked the Gereshk district Голос Америки

Alleged Rape of US Women Roils Spanish Politics

TV commentators and politicians are taking sides on charges against Afghan immigrants...Голос Америки

Afghan Leader Inaugurates Construction of Key Regional Energy Project

Four-nation CASA-1000 electricity generation project is financed by multilateral development banks and US, among others Голос Америки

Afghan Media Outlets Protest Curtailed Access to Information

The joint media statement, unveiled at a protest rally in Kabul on Tuesday, comes against the backdrop of relentless violence across the country Голос Америки

Taliban Says Closing Afghan War Needs 'Actions Not Words' From Trump

Trump said in his State of the Union address on Tuesday "peace talks are underway" to end the war in Afghanistan Голос Америки

An Isolation Ward Prepares Itself To Receive Afghan Students From Wuhan

...home to the quickly spreading coronavirus is also a major university town that hosts thousands of foreign students including many Afghan students.Голос Америки

Kabul Hospital Prepares to Receive Afghan Students From Virus-hit China

Wuhan, China, home to the quickly spreading coronavirus hosts thousands of foreign students including many Afghan students...Голос Америки

US Demands 'Evidence' From Taliban On Cease-Fire Before Deal

The statement came two days after U.S. peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad told Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during a visit to Kabul that there had been 'no notable progress' in talks with the Taliban...Голос Америки

Taliban-US Afghan Peace Talks Stall Again

Taliban spokesman tells VOA 'do-more demands' by America have hampered the process Голос Америки

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